Tuesday, why?

I told you guys I had to go to the podiatrist’s office. That was NO fun! 5 shots yesterday right into the nerves in the legs and suction cups that bring on the electric currents running through my legs and feet!

Then I took Cranky to her appointment which went well. She wanted to eat lunch out but didn’t want to go sit inside anywhere so we stopped for burgers and I had no problem getting my burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I guess a lot of people ask for that?

The cats were looking at something outside the window and knocked a chicken off the window to get up there. Sorry mom, they are YOUR cats though! Your strange chicken toy is fine too.

I went to the gym, signed my son up for karate (he starts tomorrow), and got 35 minutes on the treadmill.

I still had tons of calories when it became dinner time so I ate macadamia nuts, chicken spread straight out of the can (no bread or crackers), and half of a power crunch bar. It tasted like a white chocolate kitkat but was very filling. I didn’t get near my carb allowance for the day but that’s okay. It just means I had fiber which is always a good thing!

When I woke up and opened my bedroom door, Eliza came running in. I used the restroom and then had to go retrieve her and get her out so Amber wouldn’t start barking and wake everyone up. It’s like she was sitting outside my bedroom door waiting on me to open it! Makes you wonder how long she sat there!

Today I am taking the wife of the couple to her dentist appointment, the husband is still a bit sick so I didn’t take them to dinner. And then to my sons karate lesson. He’s not excited about it but I say too bad. He needs some way to help get his frustration out so why not karate?

What are you up to today?

21 thoughts on “Tuesday, why?

  1. I’m baby sitting today! My first job in a while so I’m grateful for that. That sucks about the shots. I get anxiety about shots. I can hyperventilate about it. I’ve also thought about karate myself! Idk if I will tho! I hope your son enjoys it

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  2. I see the title “Tuesday, why?” and I want to make a joke about Tuesday Weld. I am too tired to think of one, though.

    Karate sounds fun. Between our daughters, we have swimming, basketball, soccer and gymnastics. Nora used to do ballet, and Molly tried track, but I think we have settled on these four.

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      1. I have never done karate…but I believe its greatest benefit is self-discipline and mastery. Not saying that he needs those things, just that those are excellent “fringe benefits” for anybody. 🙂

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  3. My husband did karate, and I took Kung Fu lessons. It is such a good way to get rid of reccess energy, and you learn how to deal with frustration and to treat other people with respect as well. I hope your son will like it!

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  4. Aww, hopefully he’ll enjoy karate after he tries it! I’d love to try it haha. When I worked at Sonic there were a lot of people who asked for lettuce instead of buns but they’d be upset because we had shredded lettuce LOL. I laughed out loud about the strange chicken toy. 😂😂

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