A busy but good Wednesday

I will admit. I was pretty lazy yesterday morning! I took my son to school, came home, ate breakfast, and then got into bed and played games on my phone. I finally got up around 10 to go walk Amber. Don’t worry, I had let her out quickly at 6:30 so she wasn’t desperate!

After her walk, I came in and helped my mom change her phone plan to get her bill down. She says she is going to pay off her phone and then switch to be on my plan so it will save more money. Sounds good to me! We both have the same company so why not? We actually have the same phone too. 😂

Then I helped her with some other phone and computer stuff. I realized what time it was and jumped up to go shower and get ready for my first job at 1pm. I took the wife of the couple to the dentist and went grocery shopping for her since she had to be there over an hour. We ran a couple more errands when she was done and I got 3 hours with her today.

I came home for an hour and cleaned up a bit, moved my laundry to the dryer, and then had to take off again to take Mr. 95 year old to his club for dinner. I had him back home at 8:15 and came home. Since it was almost gym closing time, I did my dumbbells at home tonight. 20 minutes of arm exercises! Whew!

Calories were good today. I haven’t been getting hungry at night since I started this so that’s a win too!

My son started karate last night and told me it was pretty good and he enjoyed it. Whew! I couldn’t be there since I was working but I will be there on Monday with him. I can’t wait to see him going at it!

Today is an off day. I have to go see my podiatrist at 7:30 (I’m leaving soon!) and then take my son to his orthodontist down in Clear Lake. By the time we get back, it will be around 2pm. Lots of driving and well worth it to get our stuff done. He did Starr testing on Tuesday so that’s done and he’s not missing much by being absent today.

Last night I turned on my bedroom light to the cutest thing ever. Amber is so funny sometimes! She looks like she’s hiding from the light.

I found this on Instagram and wanted to share it in case anyone is having a hard time getting where they want to be. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. You didn’t gain it all quickly so you won’t lose it quickly.

Y’all have a great day! Chat later!

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