Thursday was alright.

Got up, hit the door on the way out. Made it on time to my appointment at the podiatrist and got my suction cups again but at a higher level so I could definitely feel it! I’m only due for another 6 treatments so I hope this is working!

Came home and took my son to the orthodontist way down south of us. He doesn’t have to go back until the beginning of June. He said it hurt having his braces tightened. Duh. And he got more rubber bands this time. He did so well in the last month not breaking the wires or popping off the rubber bands. I’m proud of that!

After all the appointments, I came home and was downright lazy! I was going to cook but eh, don’t feel like it. I was going to the gym but eh, I’ll wait until this guy calls about a possible new client. Etc etc

He did call, at 3:15pm. We talked about the fact that both our fathers passed last year, that our moms were friends in the past, and how much it sucks how they are aging way too fast. He wants me to meet with his mom and sister soon and start driving her to doctors and such but we have to go slow about it because she says she doesn’t need help. That’s every client I have! Maybe she will come around.

Around 5, I decided to get up and do something. It took another hour for me to move but I left for the gym at 6. I made myself actually. I felt the need to go so I finally did. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and of course I felt great after. Reading this, I’m like you shouldn’t force yourself! Oh well. I needed it so I did it. My calories were great yesterday too. I finally updated myfitnesspal to match how I’ve been eating the past couple of weeks so now it is all in sync.

I came home and ate too much for dinner so I was stuffed. I started watching new episodes of New Girl on Netflix and didn’t go to sleep until 11pm and up this morning at 5:30. So tonight I plan to get more sleep.

I’m glad it’s Friday the 13th. I always feel luckiest on this day. I feel I should buy lottery tickets lucky. Maybe I should! 🤔

Have a great Friday and keep me posted on what’s going on in your world! Tomorrow is weigh day for me so wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Thursday was alright.

  1. I force myself to do exercise all the time- sometimes it’s the only way as there are always tons of other things I could be doing that take a lot less energy!

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