Too long of a Wednesday

My day started at 6 and isn’t over yet.

Showered, dressed, walked the dog, made sure my son was awake for school.

Left the house at 7:20am (20 minutes later than normal) and dropped him off. I turned on my drivers app and did 7 jobs this morning making $60. No complaints here about that!

I then went to pick up the couple and take them to get their hair cut and go to an appointment. I gave them my 2 weeks notice, I told them that I got a full time job because I wasn’t making enough with my business. Technically, I am still in business for myself (through the driving company) and they are the only client I am dropping. I got sick of the husband being rude and pushy towards me. I know quite a few elderly that are like that. That doesn’t mean I have to put up with it.

Example: After the haircuts and grabbing some frozen meals from this wonderful market by the hair place, we had to run by the house to put the food away. I stop at their house and he says well, I’m going to go inside and check my voicemail and use the restroom. Huh? We had a long way to drive to get to the appointment and he wants to hang out and check his phone? Restroom I understand but after getting his wheelchair and pulling him up the ramp to get into his home, he checks the phone like he missed something important from just going to be a haircut. Then he tells me, well, if you won’t drive in the right lane (the one legally I should be in), you will be on time. Fine. I cut off cars to get in the right lane at the last minute and he got there on time. Whatever. 2 minutes early. I was frustrated.

Traffic on the way home was god awful too. I guess there was a light out and we got stuck for over an hour to go 2 miles. Thankfully Mr. 95 year old had cancelled on me for tonight so I wasn’t running late. I did have to get to my sons karate class to pay for his uniform which I didn’t get here before class started. So now I have to sit here and wait until class is over to pay the man.

It’s been a long day with no exercise which frustrates me more. I did weights last night so today was supposed to be a cardio day. I’m so stressed and tired that I want to crawl in bed. I thought on keto you were supposed to have tons of energy? The one thing about yesterday that I am happy about is that I ate more, I had 1500 calories instead of the 1000 I’ve had for the past 5 days. Finally hungry! Yay! I changed my goals because I wasn’t eating and it kept telling me it won’t count it but now I may be able to change them back. That’s why it looks like I ate too much.

So that’s it. I am waiting for his class to be over and then go home and relax. Ooh! I know! I’ll do the nighttime yoga to get some exercise in!

15 thoughts on “Too long of a Wednesday

  1. This is why we get or are out of shape. People think we’re just being lazy? Sometimes our lives and days are so jam packed, oh my god you just can’t do it all.

    Good idea about the night time yoga though!!! That’s awesome!

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  2. Don’t let anyone abuse you. Life is too short. And you still got in exercise by helping get people moving. Not as much as you wanted but some is better then none. What kind job is it that you do on your phone ? Lots of down time here in passenger seat so looking for something to keep mind busy. Lol. Have a great day !!

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  3. Yay! I’m glad to hear the new driving job is going well for you. 😀 I’ll miss hearing the stories about The Couple but you did the right thing by dropping them. He had no right to treat you the way he did. Hope your son is starting to like his karate class. 🙂

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