Staying steady

I’m awake, had my breakfast of eggs and cheese made with pepper and whipping cream, and about to get ready to start another long day.

I have the podiatrist this morning for another treatment and then taking the couple on errands and to a doctor this afternoon. I am hoping to be home by 4pm. The husband decided to change his attitude a bit yesterday before I dropped them off after I gave my notice. He handed me extra cash. So I told him he’s already paid for today. I’m not out for charity. I like to work for what I get.

Last night I decided to dance for my cardio and only did 15 minutes but I did something! Jumping jacks, running in place, and dancing. It was a bit fun actually, kind of like going to a class but I didn’t have to learn moves or get behind or lost.

My macros were good too! For some reason, it says I had sugar. The peanut butter cookies I made were with Jif whipped peanut butter, an egg, and Stevia so I’m not sure where the sugar is from. 🤔

I am still on track and hope to lose more this Saturday morning. I still have no energy and I think it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep. I try to be asleep by 9:30 but the past 2 days I haven’t even exercised until then. IF I get home by 4, my plan is to go to the gym. I haven’t been in a couple of days even though I’m still getting exercise, for some reason, going to the gym actually makes me feel like I’m doing a better job.

Do you like the gym? Does it make you feel better?

6 thoughts on “Staying steady

  1. Your eggs looked yummy!
    I’m not a gym person. I might be….but, I’d need cash and someone to help encourage me! (although, if I was paying for it, I’d probably use it!) I”m truly a lazy person.

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