I’m trying, I truly am

This keto life is driving me batty. I don’t know if I’m not eating enough fat or too little carbs, I just can’t get moving. I don’t want to exercise at all and that’s not like me! I’ve been at the gym or exercising daily since November and have been enjoying it so what’s up?

I decided that I would get some low carb bread and see if I can get myself going again. You know, trick the eye? I just got it today and had a piece tonight and it was heavenly! I fried it in some butter and put a little sugar free syrup on it. Hog heaven over here! I’m still ready to go to bed (it’s 8pm) but my tummy is full and happy. I also got some Whisps for a snack and I ate the whole bag in one sitting! Don’t worry, there’s only 2 servings a bag.

My day was good. I drove Styled to get her hair done, bank, and groceries. I drove for the other company before I picked her up. I went by to visit Cranky and then drove for the company a little more. I made almost $100 this week with that company and I didn’t even drive much!

I have decided to dye my hair. I never did give myself anything for hitting my first weight loss goal. Now I have finally decided what I want to do for myself. I have a friend that is a hairdresser and he’s going to bleach my hair blonde (not beach blonde but a nice soft blonde) and then put a few pink (or blue) streaks in it. I’m nervous but kind of excited. He told me if I want to look great with it, I will need to straighten it too. So I’m supposed to send him picture ideas and he and I will get together some time in the next couple of weeks to do this thing.

This is my natural blonde from my youth. What do you guys think?

Not much else going on. I was right about the couple not giving me any more money which is fine. As you guys can see, I am getting out there and making my own!

Have a great Friday night. I think I’m off to bed. 😴

10 thoughts on “I’m trying, I truly am

  1. It may not be what you’re eating that’s leaving you feeling tired; if you’ve been exercising or at the gym every single day since November, it could just be that your body is trying to tell you that it needs a couple of rest days. Think blond hair will be lovely on you by the way :O)

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  2. It’s a great idea to treat yourself like that after all the hard work!
    Curious to see how the blonde hair will look like! Also happy to hear you’re going to a hair dresser and not experiment yourself. Because I have ruined my hair quite a bit with that!

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