Sunday cooking and relaxing

I was up so early and then went back to sleep until 10am. How nice! I started cooking at 1pm after getting all of the ingredients out and ready. I made 3 keto foods. I made meatloaf muffins (keto style), these cheese and sausage balls, and some chicken wings made with a keto recipe I found online. I ate 2 of the balls for lunch and a muffin for dinner with ketchup. I went over my carbs by 2 (the ketchup was 5 – I guess I’m going to have to buy some sugar free ketchup for tomorrow) but I’m okay with that. I stayed full from dinner until bedtime. I was going to have some cheese crackers (Whisps) but was too full!

Amber cleaned my plate after I finished dinner. She is so cute!

After all the cooking (and I’m not done yet, I didn’t make any desserts or snacks), I watched a couple of kids movies on Netflix. I watched Ant Bully and Sahara. I had a headache so I wanted to just do something that would let me not think. They both ended up being very cute!

My son had fun at the birthday party. He came home with a lot of little round bruises from paintball but said he had fun. They all stayed at a hotel Saturday night and swam for 2 hours and had cake and ice cream. He had so much fun that he asked if we can have his sleepover at the hotel. I called and they gave me a great deal so I booked a room.

I did end up getting some exercise last night using the dumbbells for 20 minutes. There was a special goal for Earth Day but I had to exercise for 30 minutes and oh well. I missed that one. I still got my exercise minutes in so I’m good.

Today I am planning on driving for the company. I don’t have any jobs or appointments so why not? I can always take a break to come home and eat or relax.

So I need to get moving this morning. Y’all have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Sunday cooking and relaxing

  1. This is kind of odd. I’d not heard of a keto diet til you mentioned it and now I hear it EVERYWHERE! Ketones are so bad for a person with diabetes. I reckon they are bad for most folks. I am going to delve into this when I get more time and research it. You are looking GREAT!

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      1. how cool, this is different! I am reading up on it and it is suggested it can help persons with Diabetes, but only if you can keep your body on that ‘starvation’ mode forever.
        When I was diagnosed with Diabetes I had what was called ‘diabetic ketoacidosis’ which could have killed me. fascinating read this is! :o)

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