What a day!

I was supposed to be awake at 5:30 this morning but got up at 6. Showered, took the kid to school, and went to my podiatrist for shot day. My leg is still numb. Started driving after that and only got one customer an hour for 2 hours. The 2nd one was an airport run and he was a bit freaked out by my traffic camera. Who knows why, but he was asking me why I have it and looking around the car like he was being filmed. Uh, no dude, I don’t care about you. I care about being safe while driving!

Met Cranky and her caregiver at the dermatologist after the airport run made me too late to pick her up. The appointment went well. She had to have a cancerous spot removed from her back. An hour and a half later and I was back to driving. I got a couple more rides (6 total today) and came to my house at 4pm to check on my son after school. He said his day was terrible (standard answer). I asked if I should go back to work or if he needed me to stay home. He said “go back to work, we need more money.” So I replied, “okay. So you will take care of Amber?” Then he says, “okay, stay home please!” LOL 🙄

I decide to stay home and was catching up on blogs and passed out at 5pm. I didn’t wake up until 8:30! What happened? I seriously didn’t think I was that tired! So now of course I’m awake and it’s my actual bedtime. Although I am still yawning. Hope I go to sleep again soon!

Of course I did not hit any goals today. Not even my 12 hour standing goal which is usually very easy. I have only had 1,000 calories today since it’s hard to eat when you are busy or sleeping. I don’t want to exercise now and possibly be up half the night so I’m just taking another rest day. I just hope I end up having a loss this week.

Tomorrow is busy. Back to the podiatrist for my second weekly treatment. Then I will be driving. Then off to see the couple for the last time. Then driving some more. Then taking Mr. 95 year old to his usual Wednesday evening dinner. Yep. Busy day!

I hope you had a great day and hope tomorrow goes wonderfully for all!

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