Another day

Wow. First I’m driving this morning and of course on my way to the podiatrist I’m stuck in traffic and am late to my appointment since I picked up this lovely woman and took her to a rodeo meeting a LONG way from the doctors office.

After my appointment, I spoke with the specialist for a while and then went back to driving. My plan was to drive until 1 when I was supposed to go pick up the wife for my last drive with them. They had their caregiver call me to cancel on me. Really? Makes you wonder what they were doing that they couldn’t call me. Whatever. I kept driving. I came home for lunch at 1pm and passed out. Yes, again. I set an alarm for 3 but woke up at 2:45. So I went back to driving at 3. I drive a woman downtown and then kept getting downtown people where I had to go sit on our worst freeway over and over. I drove this guy that was going to have sushi with a friend downtown an he didn’t feel like driving in all the traffic. Really nice guy too. We chatted the entire drive. My last drive was taking this sweet millennial couple to the airport. They were going out of town. They talked to me as well but mostly chatted among each other which is fine. It was a good day. I didn’t get home until 7pm so it was a full day too.

Tomorrow I have court with my ex about child support again. You can read about our last court appearance at🙄/ . I am not thrilled about going again. I really hope they get to us a lot quicker than last time. I am going to take my phone charger in case they don’t. I may take my iPad too with some downloaded stuff. So no work tomorrow unless we get out of there pretty quickly. Otherwise, I will be too pissed off to drive people around and be friendly.

I’m off to watch Doctor Foster. I started it last night (thanks Hunida for the recommendation) and my iPad died with 12 minutes left of the 2nd episode. I am also going to do my arm weights while I watch. I didn’t do anything yesterday and that’s not like me. I always try to do something to meet my goals daily, even if it’s just bedtime yoga!

Have a great night!

13 thoughts on “Another day

  1. Your job sounds so cool, if annoying sometimes!

    I have been bad about exercising this past week because I’ve been embroiled in parenting partner issues …. but when I read about your doing bedtime yoga it does make me feel more motivated again. Now that my ex issues are settled enough, I will have to get back to work too.

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You work your ass off – you deserve a parenting partner who gives his own equal share! I will send a prayer to the angels for you!

    Have a good night – i’m off to bed now too. Ibuprofin Pm kicking in.

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    1. Thank you so much. I work hard because I don’t get child support. I feel like I have to give him everything both parents would if he had them.
      YouTube has all kinds of workout videos. Check them out!


  2. You did a lot of driving in one day, but at least it wasn’t all bad clients! Weird they’d have a caregiver call. I used to do bedtime yoga. I haven’t lately but I miss it! I need to start again

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  3. Sounds like work is going pretty well!!! It might not be fun to drive downtown but it does seem like it’s a lot busier so you can always sit down there if you’re in need of making more money!
    Ah, I remember your last court date. Hope this one is much better & actually gets something done!
    Lol I don’t think it was me who recommended Doctor Foster though… I just looked it up & it def sounds interesting but I had never heard of it before lol. Boyfriend and I are watching The Good Doctor right now haha.

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