A darn good Thursday

It had been 2 days since I got ANY exercise. I know, I know, what happened Jules??? Well, I felt so tired but knew I had to work and that’s all I did other than sleep and stay up too late watching Netflix. I didn’t hit the watch goals for 2 days. Freaked me out that I let myself do that. So yesterday I did arm dumbbells for 30 minutes with a lot of different exercises. That was great. I hit my goals and feel better about being back on track.

As you may know, court went really well. We got out at 10am! I guess being over prepared to stay there all day got us out quick. After court, we walked over to another courthouse 3 blocks away and now he’s all signed up for his probation. I then brought him back to my house where he grabbed a drink and then left.

On our way back, I got a call from Miss Priss. She needed to run errands. I told her I would pick her up at 2pm and I did. We spent an hour and a half running around for her and got her stuff done. I did not drive for the company which is okay. I feel better today. It was a good productive day.

I watched the episodes to finish this season of The Walking Dead. God that was an awesome series finale! I love this show! What to do until October? This is what Netflix is for!

I ate well too. I’m surprised when I get close to my calorie goal lately. I tested my keytone level and it showed “moderate”. I still can’t tell exactly what I’m supposed to have but the doctor is happy with my tests.

Today should be busy. I have to take Styled to get her hair done, go meet a possible new client, and then drive for the company. That’s the plan anyway.

One week from today will be the one year anniversary of my fathers death. I keep thinking about how much has changed since he went to heaven. I live with my mom now, I got her to clean out a ton of her hoarding crap around here, I added another job to my already busy life, and have already lost 25 pounds in 6 months. I hope my Dad is watching over me happy that I’m doing well and helping my mother.

What’s your plan this weekend? Any plans? Are you on a doctor led diet and are confused? Let’s commiserate with each other! Have you lost a parent recently? Need to talk?

19 thoughts on “A darn good Thursday

  1. Great to see you quickly getting back on track. I’m going in fits and starts myself. I’ve had challenges with being able to exercise and I’ve skipped a few days here and there – but I sure haven’t been skipping the meals or even the treats! But now I’m inspired to get back at it. I think rather than look back and feel bad for whatever mistakes I’ve made I just need to look at where I am right now and move forward from there. And so that’s what I’ve done. Seeing your MFP screenshots every day has reminded me I need to get back on that train as well and so I started the day with that.

    Busy weekend ahead – improv class Saturday, then Hindi class in the evening Saturday and Sunday and a whole afternoon of social gatherings on Sunday as well. I think the weekend’s going to fly by!

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  2. You’ve been doing great, your father must be proud !! … This weekend I will eat in a restaurant on Saturday with friends, work out, bake a cake, rest, blog, work out … Have a great weekend !!!

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  3. My father died 36 years ago, and I still miss him daily. My mother, too (died 2004). I miss them most looking at our daughters and thinking how much they would have adored each other. I literally put photographs of my mother in their room to “watch over” them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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