Lazy Sunday maybe…it’s only 2pm so we’ll see!

I woke up at 8am. That’s 2 extra hours of sleep. Yay me! I woke up at 2am to use the potty, woke up at 4, looked at the clock and said oh hell no, then woke up at 8. I made peanut butter cookies today. I went grocery shopping and spent almost $200. This good better last!!! I also went to the closest smoke shop.

So I was doing some neuropathy research and came across this oil called CBD. It’s made from the marijuana plant. It does NOT make you high. After reading about 10 articles, I could not find one that spoke ill of this oil. So I decided to buy a little thing of it. 100mg (the lowest strength) was $40! Online they are even more. Wow! So I will have to keep you posted on how that does for me. It’s supposed to relieve pain and since there is no THC in it, it won’t make you test positive for the drug.

So now just getting in a bit of relaxation. I ate a low carb tortilla stuffed with cheese for lunch. I forgot to make taco meat yet but I will and that’s why I got the tortillas.

I just played with the cats and now ready for a short nap. I didn’t exercise today and I probably will just take a rest day.

Tomorrow should be super busy. I have to go have blood drawn at 8am while fasting. Then I have a doctor appointment at 9:30. Then drive for the company. Yesterday was such a good driving day, I hope tomorrow is too!

What did you do this weekend?

13 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday maybe…it’s only 2pm so we’ll see!

  1. I’m all for at LEAST one lazy day but my weekend was pretty busy. Had business meetings and writing deadlines to catch up on. Still haven’t done ANY pre writing for upcoming blog posts tho 😭😭 I’m kind of behind!

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