Still going…

Yesterday was a LONG day! I was up at 6 and out the door by 7. Got little man to school and started work. I finally signed up to be an Uber driver as well as the other one I’m doing so I was busy all day. I ended up working 9 total hours and made $130. Not bad! It’s weird driving for more than one company. You have to keep both apps up and running and make sure you sign out of the other one when you accept a rider. So I was a bit flustered making sure I did everything correctly.

No airport trips yesterday, whew! It’s a long drive to our airports! I picked up this Canadian guy that lives in Vancouver. He was really nice. He actually read my driver profile! He asked for my card and said he would love to have me drive him when he’s in town because he knows how hard it is to raise a kid by yourself. How sweet! I did give him my card too. He tried to call me to take him to the airport but I had gotten another call and had to take someone the opposite direction so I didn’t get to take him. Maybe next time he’s here! We talked all about Vancouver and how the bridge makes things so slow if you have to go into downtown. I wouldn’t know that but based on traffic here, it wouldn’t surprise me!

I also took a couple to the Astros game yesterday evening. Maybe they were co-workers, who knows. All they talked about in my car was this app that she is building and how she doesn’t want users to see the error messages. Not end users like us, no worries! They said they have never gone to a game and got free tickets so why not. I told them to make sure to have a $12 beer for me and the guy laughed. I wish I was kidding about the prices! I hope they had fun.

Yesterday afternoon, after being on the road for 8 hours already (with 2 20 minute breaks), I got a call right before I was going home to see how my sons day at school was and make sure he went to karate. I pull up to the address and wait. After 4 minutes, I call the lady. She didn’t answer the call. At exactly the 5 minute mark, I put her as a no show and went home. It was supposed to be her first ride. You think she just didn’t know she should be ready to go when she orders a car? It was aggravating to say the least but at least I didn’t have to wait any longer!

Most were not that memorable, just people getting where they needed to go and jumping out. I don’t get as many tips on Uber but I get call after call which is better than Lyft when I could just be sitting for an hour or two. Yes, that’s what company it is.

I’m having a hard time this week with my diet plan since I am basically sitting all day. I gained a pound and I am not happy about it. I’m going to try not to stress too much though because that’s not good for me either. I am eating pretty well and drinking 5-6 bottles of water a day (which sucks when you’re driving people around by the way). I am staying under my calorie goal, getting exercise in the evenings, and staying in ketosis so I don’t know what the heck my body is thinking!

So it’s time for me to get showered and ready for my day. I’ve got the electrode treatment this morning so I’ve got stuff to do! Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “Still going…

  1. A very honest piece of writing! I really liked the message that you are trying to deliver, your talent really speaks for itself. Wow. I hope you could check my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.

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  2. You have an interesting blog. I liked reading about the riders you’ve picked up. I thought that the Uber and Lyft drivers could not tell who tipped them? It does seem like you can tell who tips you and who does not. (I always tip, but I don’t use the services often…)

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    1. Thanks! Yes, we can see the riders that tipped and how much. I just started driving a few weeks ago. I’m happy to have you! If you’re ever in Houston, I’m happy to drive you too!


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