Good, then scary workday

Oh man my day started out really well! I took a guy downtown from near my house and then immediately got another call. I picked up this guy at his downtown hotel and he told me how he had slept through 2 alarms and his flight was leaving in 45 minutes and he still needed to check his bags (one suitcase and golf clubs). He didn’t want to change his flight because he would miss his tee time on the golf course he said he has always wanted to play wherever he was going. He put his clubs in my backseat, sat next to me in the front, and told me to go as fast as I could – so I did. I got him from downtown Houston to our smaller airport in 15 minutes! He must have been impressed because he gave me a $10 tip too!

Then to my appointment which I ended up being 10 minutes late to because there was so much traffic between the airport and his office.

Next week they are going to start the nerve regeneration. I hope and pray this works! Oh, and a shoutout to my favorite person other than the doctor there! I told her about my blog. Don’t get mad at me when you read about yourself!

I took a couple of guys to the Astros game and they were both friendly. One said he wants to now be an Uber driver and the other gave me a cash tip (always appreciated!). I ended up taking 17 total rides today. It was a good day.

My last call for the day was the scariest thing I have dealt with in a while and hopefully will never have to deal with anything like that again!

I picked a guy up at a hospital and proceeded to drive him home 30 minutes away. I already needed the restroom when I picked him up. I’m glad I was able to make it home over an hour later without stopping. He made a phone call from my backseat a few minutes after he got in the car. He and whomever were talking about selling lines and bottles and how much money they could make if they worked together and shared each others clients. Then he starts talking about popping pills and that he didn’t want to roll when he had to work the next day but he definitely would on his birthday. I don’t know about you guys, but I am SURE they were talking about drugs. Obviously doing them and selling them. Holy crap! So I’m driving, can hear their entire conversation, and I start thinking to myself, this guy is being so nonchalant about all this in my car, is he going to kill me? Yes, I got scared as hell. I drove him as fast as I could and the minute he stepped out of the car, I backed into a driveway and sped off. I rated him the lowest I am allowed so I should never have to have him in my car or life again. If I ever had to go to the hospital where I picked him up and I saw him there, I would go to another hospital. That’s how scared I was.

I come home and I hug my kid tight. He now thinks I’m crazy but I was just so glad to be at home alive and well! My mind might have taken off on me a little bit thinking he would kill me for hearing him talk about doing and selling drugs, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Today is a quiet day. I am driving Styled to get her hair and nails done and then taking my new client to get an x-ray. I think I am not going to drive for either company today. I really need to step away for a day. Plus I’ll be driving all day tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo. Gotta take people to the parties and drive the drunk people home ya know! 😀

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Exercise last night was arm dumbbells. 25 minutes. I also went over my carbs. I had 31 but I’m still in ketosis thankfully!

Anyway, y’all have a great Friday! Today it has been one year since I lost my Dad. I’m going to do my best to not think about it. I just wanted to write how much I miss him and wish he could see all that I’m doing. May the Fourth be with you today!

15 thoughts on “Good, then scary workday

  1. Good morning and may I just say wow that dude was scary I would have been thinking the same thing, not kill you but certainly do some threatening to you but he probably figured you weren’t paying Hey sorry about your dad and I hope you get past today in great shape and spirits! Hang in there my friend.

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  2. I am sorry you are missing your dad so much. Garfield hugs and love on this memorial day. As for your passenger…scary indeed! This is the downside of Uber as we do not pick or select passengers…you just accept on blind faith they are not creeps or thugs or murderers. Pray and always stay alert. Take care.

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  3. Lol Julie! You’re too funny for being scared of that guy but I totally understand, there have been some horror stories about Uber drivers and their passengers! I bet Cinco De Mayo is going to be so busy for you!

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  4. I am proud of you for keeping an eye on things! Yikes. Remembering the driver who ‘saved’ the teen girls who were being stolen. You be safe and good luck!!!
    (missing dads is hard. if mine was here……)

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  5. I read and watch a lot of shows about killers and I get the vibe he didn’t think you were listening. Do you keep your radio on, when driving? I’ll bet he thought you were crazy, speeding away like that. Lol

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