What a great Friday!

First, I took Styled to get her hair done and to the grocery store. The new client said her stomach was hurting and she wanted to reschedule her appointment. Then I had another client call and she’s sick so she asked me to go grocery shopping for her.

I also drove for the companies because I wanted to make more money. Well! With that, I made $150 today!!! The client cancelling gave me a couple hours to drive and I also drove before Styled really early in the morning.

I drive this woman from my area all the way across town. She and I talked a lot. She lives here 6 months out of the year and lives in India where she’s from for the other 6 months. We talked about this great Indian restaurant in downtown Houston and she agreed that it was great. Her husband cracked me up. We were 2 minutes from his office where I was taking her and he tells us not to turn where I was going to turn. So we do what he asks and of course it’s out of the way but I just laughed it off since she and I were having such a good time talking. She asked if I was a writer and that driving must give me a lot to write about (definitely). She asked about the blog so if she remembered and found it, HI!

Oh! The guy that I drove like a bat of hell to the airport the other day? He gave me a compliment on Uber! And then the woman today gave me a compliment so I’m a happy camper.

I drove more people than I thought today! I also took this woman from her job to her house. I asked how her day was an she said, “I just quit my job and am going home!” She complained about it the entire 15 minute drive home. She’s 23, married, has a 5 year old, and she was in fast food and said the boss was an ass. It was a funny ride!

Another woman was going to pick up a uhaul to move tomorrow. She’s moving to a high rise. I told her after her lease is up, if she doesn’t like high rise living, there’s a place that’s quiet, nice, and cheap since they are all individually owned condos (basically where I used to live).

Today I am driving all day. I hope it’s a good day! My son spent the night at a friend’s house, my mom stayed up too much, and I plan on going to work right after I post this. I started watching season 4 of Jane the Virgin (who’s not a virgin anymore) and it’s great. I did not exercise much and did not eat enough fat. That’s okay, it will be better today!

Have a great day!

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