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Yesterday I made quite a bit driving all over the city for 6 hours. And it was all Uber. Lyft never sent me anything! Doesn’t matter to me, I just want to get paid by whomever wants to send me work!

Last night I was feeling down about everything. What my mother says to us, how I still have to put up with people I don’t like to make a buck, the fact that I only have one vice left and I get bitched at for it. Well, my male bestie talked to me last night and decided to come over today to spend time with me even though he has to work overnight tonight. He’s a sweetie.

We went and got breakfast at a restaurant within walking distance. I had an omelette made with cheese, bacon, and spinach. He had egg whites, grits, bacon, and an English muffin. It was a really nice breakfast!

After that, we went by my grocery store (between the restaurant and my house still walking) so I could show him around and get some hair dye. Then we went clothes shopping! We drove to Ross. This is what I did not get:

Sorry for all the skin. Here is what I ended up getting. I am really happy with them too!

Would you believe I am wearing a size LARGE??? Not extra large anymore! Woo hoo!!! So the 2 piece bathing suit in the last picture is actually from TJ Maxx which we went to after I couldn’t find a bathing suit at Ross. The green bathing suit fit but shows ALL of my excess skin and I don’t want that at the beach! He refused to get trunks. He said he’s fine wearing shorts to the beach. Umm, ok.

So we stopped by a honey baked ham store and got ham. We then went to see Cranky. Her son, his husband, and their twins are in town so I wanted to go by and see them. The babies are so cute!!! The little girl wouldn’t stop crying unless her daddy held her and the little boy fell asleep in my arms and smiled when I bounced him. They are 14 months old.

So we had a ton of fun and it’s not over yet! We came back to my house and I dyed my hair! I am now blonde again. I missed it too.

I did not cook, I did not clean, I just had fun! It’s 5pm and I’m going to watch some Netflix to finish my day. I hope you guys had a great day as well!

30 thoughts on “Friend, shopping, hair

  1. Wow! It was possible to dye the hair in one go?
    My hair is naturally very dark brown and I put a lot of dye in it and it was completely damaged. I had no other choice than chop quite a lot of it off.
    And now I am back in a hair growth process with all kinds methods I found in the internet.
    Some actually seem to work. Maybe I should write a post about it!

    Anyhow, your hair looks great, so does your body.
    I said it before, but you have really great legs!

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    1. Oh no! Thatโ€™s horrible! We actually used store bought hair dye and it was supposed to be really blonde but I knew that my dark hair would end up more red but I like it. Thank you for the leg compliment. I usually hear that I have chicken legs. ๐Ÿ˜‚


  2. I liked the black floral off the shoulder dress, and the long white floral dress. They were really pretty. Sounds like a really nice, relaxing day. Can I ask what egg whites are.? Obviously I know what an egg white is, but being English, I’ve never heard of it being part of breakfast without the yolk. Is it cooked.?

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  3. You got stop scratching peopleโ€™s face out ๐Ÿ˜‚may I suggest just putting an emoji on top instead. I actually love a few of those dresses, but understand you will have to purchase a convertible bra first. I also love the color of the swimsuit teal looks good on you.

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