My car

As you know, I drive for Lyft and Uber. I am usually driving around between 2-6 hours a day. My poor car decided she didn’t like all that driving so my air conditioning started to act up. If I sit in traffic, I have only hot air blowing on me. If I am moving more than 30miles per hour (48kph), it starts to go back to normal after about 5 minutes. This has been going on for a while. I have taken her to mechanics who say they can’t do anything until it actually breaks. Wth!

After driving these men in 5pm traffic the other day and almost suffocating them with heat, I decide to go to the mechanic again. Now, this mechanic owns a Camry so I figure he’s the best person to go see. And he never charges me to check it out which I greatly appreciate! So I headed from the one Lyft fare I had yesterday morning to take her in. OMG I have to tell you about that one ride too!

The mechanic says that I will need to leave the car with him over 2 days so he can try to make the problem happen for him. Of course it was blowing cold while I was there! I say that is perfectly fine with me and get a Lyft to take me to a rental car place. I love talking to other drivers! This college student and I chatted and told stories about crazy people we have driven. Really good ride. The rental car place wanted to give me a Chevy Malibu which is too small for my clients. I asked if they had a foreign car and they have a Kia Optima so that’s what I got. 🙄

They did not wash this car inside or outside. The woman that checked me out said “Oh. Don’t worry about the scratches or cut in the dash, I’ll be here when you return it.” Yes I am going to worry! I don’t trust that! So I made notes about the dirtiness of the car and signed the paper and took off. The rear view mirror shakes when you are driving and it’s one of those cars that has to restart if you stop at a light. I really don’t like that. Anyway!

I took the new client, Mr. Kisses, to his doctor appointment in the rental and told him that it was not my car. He said he can’t wait to be in my car (guess he didn’t like the Kia either). I brought him home and he literally blew kisses at me! That’s why he has this name. Good tipper as well, just like Mr. 95 year old.

My mechanic called me while he was in his appointment and told me that my car acted up for him! Yay!!! He is going to completely flush the a/c system and fill it with Freon and then test it and I can pick it up today. I am so excited! I called the rental company and told them I am returning the car a day early and I can’t wait! And for the a/c to work in 5pm traffic when it’s 90 degrees is worth the $250 it’s costing me to do this! I’m just happy I don’t need an entire new a/c system. I would sell the car before I did that!

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Then I took Mr. 95 year old and Mr. Happy to dinner last night which I am so happy about! The retirement home people didn’t recognize me in that car so I got looked at funny and watched through a window for a while. That cracked me up. Mr. Happy got a bit drunk at dinner but he got back to his place safely. You know I made sure of that. Mr. 95 year old was in good spirits. He told me all about how he has to have 24 hour care and he had to go to dinner to just get away from these people. 😂

So this woman yesterday morning! She would not let me get a word in for the entire ride. She has 2 kids, a fiancé, and his 2 kids so I’m sure she doesn’t get a chance to talk much. She told me that where she lives is very haunted and then told me how her daughter can see and feel spirits and they had to move because of one, etc etc. It was quite a long ride and it was filled with ghost stories at 7am! I believe in ghosts, my grandmother wandered around my condo and one day when my son was 3, asked me who Mimi is so I know he saw her too (I’m glad he doesn’t remember it). You might say that my son heard me talking about her but I usually say my grandmother so when he said Mimi, it freaked me out. Anyway! This woman cracked me up the entire ride!

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So yesterday was a difficult but decent day. I started washing my sheets already this morning. My mom has the maid coming so I want things clean to make the beds! I have to pick up Miss Priss in the rental here in an hour and she will be without her butt pillow to sit on so I have to call her and warn her before I go so she can bring her pillow. I will then return the rental car and get a Lyft home until the mechanic calls and says to come pick up my car. I plan on walking to the shop (about a mile and a half) to get my exercise in today. I hate that I haven’t exercised in a while!

I hope you all have a great day. I look forward to hearing what’s happening in your world!

15 thoughts on “My car

  1. Looks like you have been really busy! I am glad your car’s aircon can be fixed. I was worried the compressor was failing or there was a leak for the gas. Good the mechanic can solve it.

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  2. You really have been super busy but I think you’re doing great. I actually like the rental car you got the Kia. Of course, I don’t like that it was beaten up and dirty but I have seen some that look very nice!

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  3. I bought a Smart Car with that problem. The people that “fixed” it, made it worse and I put so much into it, I had to sell it. I hope you can fix your car quickly and correctly.

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  4. Aww I’m sorry your a/c started acting up but so glad you got it fixed & earlier than you expected to! That rental car does look really sketchy lol, that was smart of you to note the damages when you signed. Mr kisses sounds so cute lol! & that ghost picture gave me the heebie jeebies, ah! I totally believe in ghosts & spirits too.
    Also, don’t feel bad about not exercising! Your body is getting used to that new diet!

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  5. What a day and I had no idea you could use a rental for a ride share business. I also can’t believe you washed your linen before the maid arrived isn’t that his/her job…lol. Glad you got your exercise in 🙂

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