Stupid car

Hey. So the mechanic flushed the system. Then drove it. It was working great. He let the car sit in the heat running for 30 minutes to make sure and guess what. Yep. It got hot again. SO! Come to find out, the compressor is going. Just dying. In a 9 year old Toyota. Really? Is that normal? So now I am having to spend $1800 so I have a/c in my car. I still have the rental car. I have to return it at 11:30 this morning and I will probably be without a car until 5. Luckily my mom said I can use her van.

I seriously thought about trading my car in for a different car. I really did. I even looked at cars online and set up an appointment to find out how much I could get for my car. Then I started thinking about how with a new car comes new problems. So I told him to fix my a/c. I’m broke and I’m tired. I slept over 6 hours but I’m still tired. I hate spending money in the first place and I am trying to save so this hurts! And then what if the new compressor makes the valves go out and I have to them replace all that? I’m just nervous.

My good news is my eating yesterday. I received the food I ordered from Amazon and they are yummy! So that let me get a bit more fat in my diet so I feel like I’m getting what I’m supposed to.

Probably could have used a little more protein but I was full. I’m drinking my water too so I’m doing alright. I just need energy now so I can work out.

Last night was my son’s award ceremony and he looked great. Here are some pictures. It was a bit windy at our house!

Today they get a trip to Dave and Busters as a reward for their work this year. I was sitting with a woman chatting about our boys and this other girl comes and just sits right between us because we know each other from volunteering. She talks to me the entire time (we were whispering and having fun) but I felt bad that the other woman just got left out. That was rude! And you see my sons father showed up. That’s fine. I didn’t have to talk to him much. He and I get along, that’s not the problem, I just get irritated by him pretty quick so try not to spend too much time with him.

That’s it. I gotta get moving to get my son to school and have another day not working for Lyft. I will drive Styled and Ms. Sick today.

11 thoughts on “Stupid car

  1. “spend $1800 so I have a/c in my car” Wow that’s a lot for AC I would have seriously thought about trading it in as well. Nice, you made a impact on a young person that she found you in a crowd, but yeah it would of been a great teachable moment about manners…got love hindsight 🙂

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  2. Man it must be in the air my a/c is out as well on my truck, I think I’ll probably pay to get it fixed but I have a mechanic on speed dial so I can get the hookup on That’s cool your son’s dad came by, that shows how much he cares and wants to be a reliable pop! Your son and you both look awesome and very happy I’m very happy for you both!

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  3. I’m so sorry about your car!! Car problems and getting them fixed is always so damn expensive. Congrats again to your son! I love the picture of you two, it’s so cute & yay! His dad made it! 😄

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