Weigh day

As you know, I haven’t exercised much these past couple of weeks. How did I lose 3.4 pounds then? This keto diet. It has to be!

Keto has me full most of the time so I eat less than I am allowed. I can eat good tasting foods, not stale or not good tasting low fat stuff.

I am really nervous here! I’m excited at the recent loss I have made but nervous about if I will get stuck. Honestly? If I was stuck at 185 for the rest of my life, I should be happy. I feel like I’m a normal size person now and not a heifer!

I still have plenty to go and I still have my eye on the prize. I don’t know if I would get picked to be on TLC show skin tight but I can hope, right? All I can do is apply. If I don’t get on, it’s okay. I have excess skin. When you lose 220 total pounds, it should be expected!

I have another goal as well. I would like to work for one of these weight loss doctors in whatever roll they think I would do well at to help the patients. I’ve been through the surgery, through the tough part of losing the weight after you stop dropping the initial weight after surgery, and reaching my goal will always help me with the new patients. Maybe seeing me still losing weight would help, I don’t know what people want to see.

I can use this or a similar one when I hit my goal to be on my desk to talk to people. I just want to help.

I have been talking to thin people and asking them personal questions about their weight. At 5’1, 95 pounds is too skinny (my very thin yoga Neighbor), at 5’3, 140 looks big to another Neighbor but to me she looks normal. 5’7 (my height), should be around 150. Before my research of talking to people and getting to 185, I would have never thought 150 was possible. Now, it seems totally doable! I’m not changing my goals yet, don’t worry. I’m just excited about this. How long will it take me to get to my goal? At this rate (don’t worry, this will not happen), I’ll be at my next goal of 175 in a couple weeks. I’m not trying to cheat. I’m also not starving, I feel like I eat all day! Now with these helpful snacks, I really am eating my calories each day. Whether it’s a kind bar, a fat snax cookie, or cheese whisps, I am definitely not skipping eating.

Since I got my car back yesterday afternoon, I am going out to drive today. I need to start making that money! And I am a happy camper this morning so I’m sure it will show. Have a great day!

17 thoughts on “Weigh day

  1. Hi Julie! I just wanted you to know that you look great! I am so proud for you. Your hard work is really paying off. You are going to be my inspiration this week to create a low carb recipe! Thank you for your post.

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  2. Yay! Congrats on the weight loss!!! That diet must really be a good one, no wonder it’s getting so popular. I’ve never heard of that show on TLC but I hope you can get on it!!! That’d be so cool!

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