I ended up driving 7.25 hours yesterday. I made about $100. Not enough. I will be out driving today too even though it’s Mother’s Day. Since I missed 3 days of driving, I am trying to make up for that.

I started a new show on Netflix last night. It’s called Chef’s Table. I got 4 episodes in and I love it! I SO want to try all of these places! They look at restaurants and chefs from all over the world too so it’s exciting to think when I hike through Europe that I really could try some of these. Let’s just pray they are still there by the time I go. 😂

I had an issue getting carbs in yesterday too. I just didn’t have any. So I ate crackers with cheese as a late night snack to make sure I hit 20. I do NOT want Keto flu again!

So I ended up with 23. That’s really good for me! I took my son to therapy and then took an hour nap before getting back out.

I drove a man for my first ride to a college graduation. His name was Nate. He is a rapper, lives in LA, and is here working on a new show. I’m not sure it was Nate Dogg but it sounds like him! That would be cool if that’s who I drove. He was very nice and even shook my hand when he got out of the car. I wished him luck on the new show.

I drove a girl that just graduated college this past week and she is an artist and wants to write children’s books. She had piled art into my car and sat with me for the ride home. I wished her luck as well.

I drove quite a few couples from hotels to lunch or dinner or the museum district. I actually did not get any calls to drive somebody to the baseball game today which is fine. I didn’t really want to deal with that traffic.

I drove this guy from his place to his friends place to watch the fight. Now, I say “the fight” because I have no clue about any of that. He was really nice though and we chatted about sports for the whole ride. Since he doesn’t live far from me, there’s a chance that I could drive him again. The profile picture on his account wasn’t a picture. It said accepted, not rejected.

Picture from The Solid Rock of Atlanta

He said he put a picture but that showed up a few days later and he hasn’t bothered to change it. I thought it was funny and told him so. He was glad I wasn’t nervous about picking someone up without a photo.

I took a total of 17 rides yesterday. I am 14 away from getting my sign on bonus. They gave me until May 26th to do 150 rides for the bonus and I’m beating this by 2 weeks! Woo hoo!

I almost forgot to mention my exciting news! I had bought a size large t-shirt from the hair salon where I take Styled and I wasn’t thinking it would fit quite yet. Well, I tried it on this morning and decided to wear it all day. IT FITS! I am so happy at this non scale victory. My BFF in Dallas is down into a size 18. She was telling me that she wants to do a cleanse to kick off weight loss. I don’t think it’s a good idea because she had weight loss surgery and I told her. I hope she doesn’t do it. I told her all about Keto and told her I would give her tips and she doesn’t need to buy anything special.

My BFF in Kansas is down to a size 16 as well! She said she thinks she’s gained weight so I told her even if that’s true, she’s lost inches. I am very happy for her. She has been struggling with this for a long time.

Anyway, I need to start my day so I can get paid! Y’all have a great day! I need to cook some food at some point today too. I can’t live on cheese and bacon!

11 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Haha that would have been really cool if it was really Nate Dogg that you drove! I would have been nervous to pick up the guy with no pic if I was you! Is that the new t-shirt in your selfie?! It looks awesome on you! Go you!!!!

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