What a crazy busy day

So I had scheduled yesterday’s post on Saturday night and set my alarm to get up and go. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I slept through the alarm. I woke up at 9am and didn’t want to move. It actually took me an hour to even get out of my nice, warm, comfy bed. I finally showered and dressed and then with my list on my phone, headed to the grocery store.

An hour later, I am back home with everything from my list and nothing else! I’m so proud of myself! So my son and I put everything away and I eat a little bit. I didn’t leave to drive until noon!

I drove 10 people today. Ones that stand out: This sweet girl that I took to the airport. She chatted nonstop the whole time. All about her work, her life, her family, etc. The girl I picked up right after that to bring her back to the medical center for her residency here for the next 6 weeks. She’s got a tough road ahead of her! And the couple that I took to the other airport that were flying to Denver. I told them how jealous I was and they just kind of chuckled. Umm, okay. They told me how much it’s changed since I was there 6 years ago and also how much is the same. Informative ride! Plus he had the same name as my son as well as the same nickname so that was neat.

After working for 4 hours, I came home. As soon as I walked in the door, I started cooking. I made Mac and cheese lasagna, biscuits for my son, and asparagus in garlic butter sauce. That was my gift to my Mom for Mother’s Day.

I can’t eat the lasagna but I ate quite a few asparagus! So yummy! I did the dishes and started laundry. Watched a bit of Netflix and off to bed.

Today I have to go get my shots and then drive for Lyft and/or Uber. Y’all have a great day!

8 thoughts on “What a crazy busy day

  1. That lasagna looks divine I don’t know rather to be impressed or sad that you didn’t have a piece…everything is moderation you just got remember that’s the key 🙂

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