Long stupid day

I started work at 7am. As soon as I dropped my son off at school, I got a rider about a mile from me. When I picked him up, he was so happy. He said before I took the call, they had said someone about 7 miles away was going to pick him up. That’s crazy!

I took 5 riders before going to get my shots. After my shots, I had 3 until I just gave up. I picked a kid up at school and took him to his after school job. Smart kid and he has a plan for his life which I say is wonderful! After him, I picked up a guy that was going to the hospital because he ate something and it has been stuck in his esophagus since last night! I only made $60 today when I was online available to accept rides for almost 6 hours??? I waited for a long time for rides and was finally just too tired to keep going. I came home and started to cook, for myself this time. I made taco meat, sausage cheese balls, and peanut butter cookies.

My son and I went to karate and I took dinner to my friend there. She and her kids liked the sausage balls and she said she can’t wait to try Zevia and the cookies (I took her a Grape Zevia). As I was walking home, my mom text and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner. I just wanted to come home and veg out for a bit so I said no. She ended up bringing me a cheeseburger with a lettuce wrap! That was so thoughtful!

So I didn’t eat enough today but I’ve been eating all day. I think my macros look good too.

Today I have 2 clients. I am not driving for Lyft or Uber today. Ms. Forgets this morning and Ms. Sick this afternoon. I will be ready to stop working after that. I think that will be enough for a day. I am not enjoying the heat and humidity that has finally struck here but it’s where I live so I have to deal. This is why I got my a/c fixed!

Have a great Tuesday. I will be eating my taco meat with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes – all on a low carb tortilla. Yummy!!!

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