Yesterday was alright

I drove my clients yesterday. Ms. Forgets is a smoker! I had no idea! She asked me to take her trash out and I opened the garage and was hit with cigarette smell. There’s a reason I smoke outside! She told me her kids refuse to discuss it with her because it causes an argument every time. Yeah, I understand that! I am not about to tell her I smoke as well. I don’t want her kids to know that. Especially since I got this client from another one and I really don’t want that person to know. We drove all the way to another city (about 15 miles away) just to see a doctor for a whopping 10 minutes. Cute doctor! There was an accident on the way home and we were stuck in traffic. I saw on the news last night that a person died. A wrecker driver slammed into her suv from behind crushing her vehicle in half! Wow. Scary driving here sometimes!

Ms. Sick had me take her to the hair place. I sat there and chatted with the employees since she was taking her time. Then she wanted to go to Whole Foods way down one of our major streets so I was with her for 3 hours.

I went home and made my dinner at 5pm. Since I had stomach surgery and can’t eat a lot at once, my dinner took me 4 hours to eat. Seriously! I had 4 oz of taco meat with cheese and lettuce and a tortilla with butter and salt. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it?

Today I already drove for Lyft for a couple of hours and am now at my doctor appointment for a treatment. Then I might go drive again or I might just go home. I’m a bit frustrated with Lyft and Uber. They are supposed to keep 25% and I get 75%. Well, if you crunch the numbers, that’s definitely not true. I’ll give you an example from a ride I took this morning.

I think I get 50% which is not what I was told I would be getting. I’m not sure I’m making enough to justify the miles and wear on my car. I’ll do it until I can find something better.

Anyway, that’s my complaint this morning. I hope everyone has a great day!

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