Yesterday I got up, drove for Lyft, went to my appointment, then decided to come home and do absolutely NOTHING the rest of the day. It was so nice!

I ended up binge watching Safe on Netflix which is weird and creepy and kept me interested for all 8 episodes! Michael Hall with an English accent, a missing teenager, a dead teenager, and a bunch of liars? Yes, it is very interesting!

I ate well and stayed in my macros. I thought about exercising and decided to wait and then waited too long. I was asleep by 11pm and woke up on my own at 5:45 this morning.

I have Ms. Forgets this morning and Ms. Sick this afternoon again. Therefore I will not have time to work for Lyft. I plan on driving this weekend. Mr. 95 year old cancelled on me again last night. He said he was in a lot of pain. I hate hearing that and told him to please feel better, not for me, but to be better. He said I was sweet and told me he will call me next week. Not sure if he actually heard what I said but that’s okay.

My mom was asleep in bed by 7pm last night. My son was asleep by 10. What worries me is that my mom is still in bed this morning. Usually if she’s asleep that early, she’s awake by 4am running around the house and turning up the tv so loud that we wake up too. I will check on her before I go to work. She has to work today too. She was working in the garage yesterday so maybe she just wore herself out.

It was 96 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be 99 today. Yes, summer has arrived in Houston. I hate it. I knew it would be a hot summer after it snowed twice here this winter. Gives me another excuse not to drive! If it’s too hot for me, can you imagine the poor dogs having to go for walks on the hot concrete? Please take care of your fur babies!

Short but sweet today. I hope it’s a good Thursday for all!

18 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. My mom lived near Houston around the summer time and it was HOT. I’m glad you had a relax day! You work so hard you earned it:)

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