I got back to it!

I sent a friend a text last night and realized how funny it probably sounded to anyone that doesn’t know me (like his fiancé). I said, “Hey! I finally got off my butt today!” I had not exercised since May 5th! What’s that, 2 weeks??? I have been so tired and worn out but I broke through that last night. FINALLY-FREAKING-LY!

I got home from driving Ms. Sick at 5:30pm. I went upstairs, took off my shoes, and laid down. Not even 10 minutes after that, I had my headphones on and started listening to some great older songs that really get me moving like Pump Up The Volume and Pump Up The Jam. I decided right then to go out walking. So I did. It was 97 degrees outside (that’s 36C to the rest of the world). I walked for 33 minutes. By the time I got home, I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Why I didn’t just go to the gym and use the treadmill, I don’t know. I just wanted to be outside.

All I could think was how the pool would feel really good right about then so guess what I did? YEP, I came home, changed my clothes, and went to the pool. I did another 30 minutes of laps and it felt so good after that walking.

So I came back home after chatting with a few neighbors (in a dripping wet swimsuit) and took a shower.

After I was done and all clean, I wanted a snack. I went downstairs and got 3 of my homemade keto peanut butter cookies and a container of sugar free white chocolate dipping sauce and ate it all. I even licked the dipping container! It was so good, I can’t believe it’s on my plan!

And I played with my dog 🐕

I have the cutest little girl! My son did not go to bed until after 10pm because he was doing schoolwork and showering. I was not happy about it either! Crazy child.

Today I am taking Styled to get her hair dyed and then this afternoon taking Ms. Sick to get her hair done again. I took her to her doctor yesterday and he said she could eat again so she took me to this health food place that has a restaurant. I got a grass fed burger with Monterey Jack cheese on it with pickles. It was really good!!!

Then she had me take her to this other store with all healthy options and I found the keto version of Andes Mints! 2 carbs for chocolate mint? Yes please!

This place also had jerky but not beef jerky. Nope, VENISON jerky! I absolutely love venison (sorry deer). So I bought one of those too.

I will have this today. I am really looking forward to it!

Anywho, that’s all that’s going on here! I pray I get off my butt again today and keep moving. I was so happy last night so I just need to keep remembering that!

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