I am trying to be more social.

Thanks to my son, I now have Snapchat.

Thanks to a friend on here, I have WeChat.

Thanks to my good friend in Kenya, I got WhatsApp a number of years ago.

I am on Instagram as well and post daily. I’m actually trying to put more videos on there too. I did today!

I refuse to go back to Facebook just because it’s silly. I use it for the marketplace but that’s it.

What’s my name on all these? I bet you can guess! It’s the same as on here, juliehcares. On Snapchat, it shows up at Julieh Cares (weird but whatever).

If you have any questions or need to get a hold of me, or just want to follow me, please reach out on any of these!

19 thoughts on “Social

    1. You know I’m like you, always doing something! I’m just working on the social aspect of my life. I’ve been a hermit with my weight issues and now I feel and look better so I want to get back out there and do stuff!

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