Such a horrible act

I’m still in shock over the 17 year old here in Santa Fe. It’s too close to home. My biological brother and his family were just living there a year ago so I’ve been there many times. It’s only 40 minutes from my house to his old place which was 2 miles from the high school there.

A small town of 13,000 people. A 17 year old that decided to steal his fathers weapons and use them against innocent children. What is going on with our youth???

I spoke with my son when we both got home today. He told me that he’s not stupid and knows what to do in case of a shooter. He said you don’t run through the school, you stop and hide the first place you find. What kills me is that the school doesn’t even have lockers and the classrooms walls are all glass so where is a kid supposed to hide?

I am not for gun control. If you stop following me for that, I understand. Gun control is not going to help anything. If somebody really wants a firearm, they will get it. There needs to be more background on buying weapons. I can walk into an Academy store right now and walk out with a rifle. Yes, rifles are harder to use since they need to be reloaded but, they can be used to shoot up a school too.

I’m off to bed, I just wanted y’all to know my feelings on this horrible thing that happened. I hope you sleep well (if you’re in America) and have a great day if you’re just waking up!

14 thoughts on “Such a horrible act

  1. I read this in the papers this morning and my thoughts immediately went to you as I knew you live in Texas. Truly sad about guns and how it is used to kill. Please stay safe and am glad your son is taught how to be safe in school if a shooting occurs. Horrid that no one can be safe in school. Too many shootings really. Stay safe😓

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  2. My heart breaks, not just for Santa Fe (or Parkland or Newtown or Columbine or for the victims of Charles Whitman in 1966), but for all of the senseless gun violence in this country. And…I am *absolutely* for gun control.

    In fact, I would go further…I call for repeal of Amendment II.

    With all respect, asking what is wrong with these kids today is entirely the wrong question.

    No, the real questions are:

    Why do we live in a country where guns are considered more important than children?

    Why does a Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” (in the context of “well-armed militias,” I would remind everyone) override someone else’s right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

    Why do white police officers who shoot unarmed black civilians continually get acquitted by juries, while we as a nation incarcerate an insanely-high percentage of black men?

    American youth are not the problem (if anything, they will almost certainly provide the solution). A culture that elevates guns over people is the problem.

    I will not un-follow anyone because of their political views (please see, but neither will I remain silent in the face of our national shame (please see

    Whether anyone chooses to un-follow me is their business.

    Thank you for listening.

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      1. Agreeing to disagree is the American way. 😉 I freely admit my position is radical. I just think that too many well-meaning folks just shrug and say, “sorry, nothing we can do, 2nd Amendment.” Well…there is a way (admittedly difficult) to change that, while still allowing responsible adults to own guns. Guns are the ONLY commodity to receive special Constitutional protection. Clearly, Americans can own things without special Constitutional dispensation. I would love to have THAT debate.

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