Stayed up late

Wow. I didn’t mean to stay up until 2am! It was an interesting day. What did I do? Umm, oh yeah!

I woke up early as I told you yesterday. I finally got up at 9am and got ready to leave the house. I went to the dreaded mall. I went to Sears and ended up spending way too much money. I got 5 shirts, 3 pairs of pants (one of which I am returning as I don’t think I would put a size medium with what I was buying), 2 bras, and 2 shapewear things as well as another bathing suit bottom. I then walked to the other side of the mall and got some new earrings from Claire’s. They had a sale of buy 3/get 3 free so I came home with 5 pairs of earrings and a box of backings (because I keep losing those itty bitty things). I went to The Great American Cookie and got my son some of his favorite sugar cookies since I was there too.

Shopping at Sears took me 2 1/2 hours! I definitely got my 10,000 steps in. I was very disappointed in Sears because they had like 4 employees in the entire store and 3 of those were doing checkouts in the middle of the entire store. I had no help finding anything, had to go back and forth with different sizes to the dressing room (which I had to find), and nobody around to ask any questions to! It was very disappointing. I was hoping for bra help since I haven’t bought a bra in forever. Oh well. I got it figured out, it just took me a while.

I rested when I got home, I was very tired. Ate some taco meat with cheese, and then took off to my friends son’s baseball game. I walked over there. It was hot. I put on my new size large clothes as well as the shapewear to go to the game. My friend said it looked really good too. Size large here!!!

I shared some peanuts and water with them since I forgot to bring anything with me and I was starving. I am so very grateful that they were so sweet to share! My friends team ended up winning their championship game 14-4. I am so proud of her son!

I walked home and took off the clothes and just about collapsed into my bed. If it hadn’t been 7pm, I would have gone to bed right then. I decided to turn on Netflix.

The Clapper – I was SO happy to see Tracy Morgan!!! It was a very cute movie with a bunch of stars and comedians. It’s funny, sad, romantic, and sweet. I always like comedies and this one was different so I thought it was really good. Did I mention this is one of Tracy Morgan’s first movies since his car accident (Fist Fight was the first)?

My Perfect Romance – Oh my! Boss/employee love? I guess it happens. It’s about a CEO and a programmer that end up working together and falling in love. I’m not usually one for sappy movies. I watched this because Jodie Sweeten is in it. A small part but since I watched her grow up on Full House (Stephanie), heard about her drug use and how she has overcome it, and now in the new Fuller House series plus movies, I really like her.

Then I finally went to bed at 2am. I haven’t gotten out of bed yet this morning. No plans today really so I guess I don’t have to yet! I do need to go grocery shopping and cook but that’s it.

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

15 thoughts on “Stayed up late

  1. Your shopping experience sounds like hell, but it shows why Amazon is thriving 😊You should check out Soma for bras with good support. The customer service is often amazing and the products are beautiful made.

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