Mother 😡

So I’ve lost 32 pounds since November and 223 pounds since having weight loss surgery in 1997. Does this stop my mother from talking down to me? NOPE!

After shopping, I was very excited to wear clothes that fit. I mean come on, I’m a size large now!!! I haven’t worn a size large since junior high school!!! I am thrilled and still can’t believe I have come so far. I look in the mirror and am elated that this is me!

So when I show my mother how my size large looks, you know what she says? “Oh that’s nice honey. But you need longer sleeves to cover up those fat arms.” What??? My response (I tried not to go off on her), “Well Mom, I’ve lost over 200 pounds. I’m going to have excess skin. If someone doesn’t like it, too bad.” She doesn’t agree. She says, “I don’t even wear short sleeves. You need to get 3/4 sleeves like I do.” What the hell???

So I’m frustrated at her and am avoiding her. My friend and I had an awesome time at the comedy show last night. I went to see Chinedu Ogu at the Joke Joint. I even got to meet him which made my day!

Roxxy Umm, I don’t remember this guys name but he was pretty funny and no, he’s not a redneck although he does kind of look like one.

This is Chinedu!

I have decided that I really am going to be more social (when money allows) because I look better and feel better. I don’t feel like a whale next to my friends and I’m not afraid to meet people. It seems this has helped my anxiety too which is great!

When my friend and I walked in the club and sat down, a guy walks up to me and says HEY! I look up and it’s a guy I met at my B’s birthday dinner back in February. He introduced me to his wife and we chatted. He got my phone number and I seriously think his wife wasn’t too happy about that (she kind of gave that half smile and looked at me funny for coming over to talk to him). So my words to her and every other wife/girlfriend of men I know is this. “I do not want your man, please trust me on this. You are always welcome to hang out with me as well. I have no interest in being a side piece or a marriage breaker. If your man even once tries to hit on me, you will probably never see me again. I hope we can be friends.” Why am I such a threat??? Okay yes, I am starting to look better since I have lost weight, I have perfect teeth now (thanks to the best dentist ever and dentures), blue eyes and blondish red hair. But I’m not a threat!!!!

So we took a selfie and sent it to B. B answers, “When was this?” So that’s when I went over to this man so we could answer. They ended up texting on my phone for a bit and now we are all supposed to hang out soon. Let’s pray his wife comes!

Today I have to go get my shots and take grandma (a woman I drive occasionally that is the grandma of one of my good friends and was my neighbor for 15 years so I call her grandma) to get her license renewed. I’m also going to send keto packages to my 2 best friends. I just want them to have a few treats so they can see how why this has been so easy for me! I am sending them the following. A white chocolate dipping cup, a bag of protein chips, a chocolate peanut butter keto bar, and a cheese crisp. I hope they like them as much as I do!

After 4 and a half hours of sleep, I’ve got to try to get stuff done today. I’m also trying to avoid my mother. Even my son is avoiding her but that’s because he’s just a tween and doesn’t want to deal. Lol

Have a great Monday!

29 thoughts on “Mother 😡

  1. Wat go Julie – that is an incredible journey that you should feel extremely proud of 🙂

    You know, there is a turn of words and what follows is not word perfect but it goes like this …. You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your parents.”

    And another one that l tended to use a lot against my own derrogative comments ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down!” Not being nasty against your family, but celebrate – because you have absolutely EVERY reason to feel thrilled with your achievements.

    Once again, well done.

    🙂 xx

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  2. Sorry your mum said that to you. Sometimes they say illogical things and my friend shared that this is how elderlies think and to them it is “normal” – I stay away too when I need to chill.😉

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  3. Ha! Your story about the wife is close to what I wrote about today. But her reaction is a confirmation of your confidence, mentally and physically!! 🙂 don’t listen to your mum or anyone who says this. They’re most likely jealous!

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  4. Oh that’s so mean of your mother to say but I think all mothers are that way. I never answer the phone to my mom because she just calls to criticize me. Don’t listen to her! You look great & can wear whatever you want!

    How fun that you were able to see your favorite comedian this time!! All wives are that way. Any other woman is a threat to them lol. Hopefully she does join the group when you guys go out!

    Your friends are going to love those keto packages! How nice of you to put them together for them! ♡

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    1. Thanks Hunida!
      We had fun and yes, I hope she does come, she didn’t go to the birthday party where I met her husband.
      My mother is just that way. I don’t do that to my kid! Oh well.

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  5. Your moms comment reminded me of my grandmothers jabs while she was still alive. I also have excess from losing a large amount of weight myself and even though I had lost 170 lbs that never seemed “good enough”. I think the progress you have been making is amazing and credit needs to be given! You go girl, you look great in all of the clothes you’ve posted lately.

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  6. My mother was always critical. I won 2nd place in a talent show and she said “To bad it wasn’t first.”. Let it go and be thankful she’s still around to drive you mad. So happy you’re weight loss is giving you confidence. In the long run, that’s what matters.

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    1. Maybe it was a generational thing. I’m mostly glad she’s still around yet at those times, I miss my Dad more. He was never like that. And thank you! I am trying to not be so anti social 😀


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