Happy day!

So y’all know from yesterday how truly upset I am with my mother. That’s why today is a good day. She’s leaving for a church trip this morning for 3 days!

I can relax, I don’t have to stress over if she’s going to mention anything rude to me, or complain about what I wear. I do have to take care of her cats while she’s gone but I can do that. We’ve owned cats my whole life so not like its new.

Last night, I mentioned how my son wants to go to college out of state and that I would move so we don’t pay out of state tuition. She said she will have to get a roommate because she doesn’t want to live alone. 🙄 She won’t move either. Then she says she may be dead by then too. Lordy. I told her it’s still 5 years away and who knows what will happen by then. She just said true.

Today I only have one person to drive and it’s the lady that upset me on Friday. I really hoped that she would be feeling better and wouldn’t need me but I guess she still does. I’m not driving for Lyft this week either. I want to enjoy my time alone in the house.

Maybe I will feel up to getting some exercise. The doctors office yesterday said I don’t look as tired and they contributed that to the 2 days of exercise I got last week. Umm, okay?

Y’all have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Happy day!

  1. Your son may wish to look into community colleges or a high school to college program to complete his prerequisites and to help cut his academic expenses. Enjoy your mom free week 🙂

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