Good first day of no mom

I worked 4 hours with Ms. Sick. She wants me again Friday afternoon. I thought she would be driving by now but I guess not! I came home and took the dog on a long walk. I then went to pick up my son since he said it was raining. It literally sprinkled 4 drops on the car on the way to get him. Then, for some odd reason, I decided to move furniture. I switched out my mom’s dresser and mine. She had mine and I had hers because my television does not fit on top of my dresser. I’m tired of all the furniture in my room and wanted to get rid of stuff so I can walk around! I had a tiny space to walk around all the furniture in here. It’s SO much better now! My son helped a little bit and was complaining the whole time. I bet every parent reading this rolled their eyes too. Teenagers! Geez!

I cleaned out my mom’s drawers onto her bed. I took each drawer into my room and put it on my bed after emptying it. Once it was cleaned out, I moved it out of the way in her room. I walked back into my room. I cleaned out all of my drawers and started moving her dresser (with drawers still in it) pushing it into her room and then put her tv on top of it and sorted her clothes into the drawers. I then put my dresser on its side and pushed it into my room. I had to lift it back up, put the drawers back in it, and put it against a wall for the next step.

Now on to the second thing I was getting rid of. I had a bookshelf in my room. A couple of weeks ago, I moved my books into my closet and put what was on the closet shelves onto the bookcase. I now took all of that and put it on my bed and got the bookshelf out of my room by pushing and pulling and leaning it to get out the door (it’s taller than my doorway). I moved it into my sons room so he has 2 bookshelves now. I came back in my room, moved my dresser into the corner where my bookshelf was, and put all of my clothes away. WHEW!

With all of the stuff on my bed, I had to decide where to put it all. For now, I have stacked it on top of my dresser. My tv is on the floor until I can get someone to come put it on my wall. I need to get the thing to put the tv on the wall, the wall covers so the cords are hidden inside the wall, and I also need to buy a shelf for my Apple TV and my Blu-ray player. The Godfather said he won’t be able to come until some point this summer. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t really watch my tv that often! I’d have to lean over the foot of my bed to watch it where it is on the floor right now! I hate feeling crowded in with stuff. This is so much better already! I’m not willing to part with my humongous bed frame (frame and tempur-pedic bed cost me $3000 5 years ago dammit) so I needed to get rid of other stuff.

Yes, I hurt my back just a little bit. Just a twinge really. I’ll take some Advil, rest, and I’ll be fine. I have my electrode treatment today and then Mr. 95 year old (unless he cancels on me again). I may get more stuff done in my room too. It’s so nice not worrying about wanting to go outside to smoke or having to hear her tv at top volume in my bedroom.

I hope y’all have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Good first day of no mom

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning.
    It feels so good when all the mess is gone, but during the process you really start wondering how you have been able to collect that much mess!

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  2. You have been busy. I was worried about your back with all that moving and was sad to see your written sentence that your back hurts abit. Rest up. You need to buy brackets to mount tue tv on the wall. Tempur bed!! 👍👍I only bought the pillow.

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    1. I love my bed! Yeah, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. It was just for a bit. I didn’t even take Advil.
      I bought the mounting stuff and now just waiting to see who will come install it for me. 😀
      I hope you had a great day!

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    1. Oh, I watch on an iPad. I like having headphones on and it’s hard to do that with my tv. I’ve tried the ones that you’re supposed be able to use wirelessly but can’t figure out how to make them work with my tv!

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