My day

I didn’t do much yesterday.

1. Move desk stuff downstairs (you know, like stapler, tape, etc) since I sold my desk.

2. Water plants at my cousins and at home and then of course it decided to pour rain for 2 hours! ๐Ÿ™„ AFTER I watered the plants. Let’s pray the plants don’t die!

3. Empty both litter boxes in my house.

4. Take out trash from all of the trash cans around the house.

5. Walk dog 3 times. That’s normal because my child doesn’t take her on good walks so I end up doing it.

6. Return shorts to Ross – they are too short and show WAY too much excess skin.

7. Return pants to sears – I’m not in a size medium – yet!

8. Shopping at Costco for party – spent $100 on burgers, hotdogs, chips, and cheese slices. I still need condiments and drinks.

9. Order 60 cupcakes at HEB for party – that’s going to run me $40! I don’t want just regular cupcakes though. I want buttercream icing and my son wants specific colors (red, blue, and green). If we did it just going to buy them, my son would get pink and purple ones which doesn’t really work for a boys birthday party!

10. Clean out cooler for party – oops. I’ll do this today. Glad I still have time!

11. Get loot crate toys together and take downstairs to give out at party. I have 28 things for the boys to choose from so that should be plenty! I’ll have to come up with something else to give away on here when I hit 1000 readers. Then again, I will probably have plenty more loot crate stuff by that time!

12. Run my dad’s car for 10 minutes. It hasn’t been started in a couple of weeks. That was the plan anyway. The battery is dead. Crap!

13. Make lemon fat bombs and more cheesy keto bread. I had one lemon fat bomb last night. I love lemon!!! They are SO good!!!

See? Not much, right? Lol

I also had my doctor appointment for 2 hours. I had my treatment and then met with the nutritionist about my bloodwork. I am definitely low in B3. I also have a predisposition for a heart attack which I didn’t know. She told me that it is genetic, and not something you can fix with diet. Since I’m adopted, I text my half sister that I met a few years ago and asked her if she knew anything about that. She said no but she’s wanting to take this test now too so we can find out if it’s on our mothers side.

Today I take Styled to the dentist. We went 2 months ago and she wasn’t brushing so they wanted to see her again. I hope she’s been brushing this time! That’s the only job I have thankfully. I need to work but I also need to have all this stuff ready for Saturday!

So I guess I will have to jump start my dad’s car and also clean out the cooler for drinks at the party. It was suggested to me to get sodas. I was just thinking water. What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “My day

      1. I’m sure they’ll get over it. Why don’t you get some decaf options as well, so there is a choice? Just a thought.

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    1. Oh Iโ€™m sure it did because it hasnโ€™t been driven in a while. Itโ€™s a 2001 and I have no clue how old the battery is. The good thing is that itโ€™s a AAA battery so I can call them and make them fix it. ๐Ÿ˜€


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