Way too early

Yesterday was a blast! For all of you guys that wanted pictures, here you go!

I did not count exactly how many kids showed up but there were plenty! 2 girls and the rest boys. It was so damn hot though! I started out in the morning picking up all of the food, drinks, and cupcakes at the store. Then I came home, cleaned out the cooler (it took me about 10 paper towels and a quarter bottle of cleaner), and put everything in it. My son’s father showed up when I was cleaning the cooler and didn’t help with any preparation stuff! If you are on my Instagram, you may have seen that I called him out on it too. 😂

The kids started arriving at 2:30pm. The game truck arrived at 2:45 and started their setup. I was outside from 2pm until 6pm. I almost got heat stroke and had to go inside at one point because every time I moved my head, I got very dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. Mostly I was outside, thankfully I wore sunscreen so I didn’t have to worry about being burned on top of sunstroke. The last kid didn’t get picked up until around 6pm by his not too friendly mom in her bright red Mercedes. I had to yell at the remaining boys to pick up all the trash in the park because I am not going to get in trouble for not cleaning outside after the party. People at the pool complained that we were too loud. I’m like, “it’s 3pm on a Saturday and the noise is in a game truck. OMG deal with it!” It’s for 2 hours and we are celebrating a birthday!

What pissed me off: My son invited 3 friends to stay overnight at the hotel with us. One said he couldn’t stay and so then my son invites another friend who invited another friend. When the parents of the first friend show up with his bag to stay overnight, I told my son that he can’t have that many kids stay and he shouldn’t have invited the other kid. Well, this upset the kid that was invited last minute so he called his daddy. Well, this spoiled child has his daddy get him a room at the hotel for the 2 extra kids and doesn’t stay with them because he has a 6 year old at home so basically leaves me being responsible for 6 kids which is what I didn’t want!!! I was so angry at this point but there was nothing I could do. Stupid rich people with spoiled ass kids. So they are in another room down the hall. They didn’t sleep at all which I’m sure isn’t going to go over well with the parents but you know what? It’s not my fault so screw it!

Then, my ex husband (the guy in the picture grilling above), says he will come to the hotel to hang out for a bit with his son. That was fine, I could use the help since I was so tired. Then after an hour here he told me that he’s going to stay the night too. HUH? Seriously? Why??? I made him take the boys to the hotel pool (all 6 of them) and it looks like they had a blast.

I didn’t get to relax much. I didn’t go to sleep until after 11, my son woke me up being loud at 1am, and then my ex’s phone goes off at 4:45am and wakes me up. Needless to say, I am so ready to send all these kids home and go home myself! My son and the 2 friends that stayed in our room are sound asleep as well as my ex who just turned off his phone and passed back out. I’m not comfortable enough sleeping on this loveseat to go back to sleep so I am awake typing all this on my phone.

Today, I am taking my son and one of his friends to church at 11am (the other parents will come pick up their kids by 10:30am – I pray they are not late). Then I will take that friend home and go back to my house where I will hopefully get to take a nap after I do the clean up from yesterday. After the party, I pretty much just dragged everything inside and left it there. I’m sure my mother wasn’t too happy but I was too tired to get it all done right then! I put the food away and made sure all the trash was gone, I just didn’t put anything else away.

Good things: The game truck was awesome! They come as a truck with a trailer (I was expecting a bus but that’s okay), set up all 6 TVs with games, and have a little a/c going in the trailer so it wasn’t COOL in there but it was better than outside and it was fun!

My ex grilled all the food and everybody enjoyed it. I started with 16 hotdogs and 24 burgers, I have 6 burgers and 2 hotdogs left. I do appreciate that he helped and that there’s not too much leftover meat.

I got a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, Coke, and Dr. Pepper as well as 48 mini water bottles and had NO drinks left over! I also got a 12 pack of Coors Light and there are only 2 left of those. So I think I did well on how many drinks I needed.

My son got spoiled by his friends. He got gift cards from Amazon, the comic book store, and plain cash. He also got Pokémon cards and a laser tag setup from our next door neighbor which he is ready to play tonight in the park. I actually want to play with that! It looks so cool! He already opened the box and I have no clue what he did with the stuff but as long as it comes home, I’m fine!

His 2 friends that stayed in our hotel room are old friends that don’t go to his school anymore but my son remained friends with them. They are really good kids.

My diet yesterday was atrocious. I had already planned on eating a cupcake but didn’t think I would drink 4 beers and eat crackers for dinner!

These stats from yesterday are my old way of eating (minus 100 carbs probably). I am paying for it today. I have a headache and I’m tired and I didn’t sleep well. Now I see how eating keto helps! Wow. I’m right back on it today. The hotel has a hot breakfast so I am going to get some bacon and eggs with butter (and hopefully cheese)! There’s no way I would keep eating all that sugar and carbs. I don’t like it. This was my first day that I went off my eating plan in 2 months. Yuck! I know better now! I should have planned more to come to the hotel.

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. Tomorrow I will be remembering my father and grandfather as they both fought for our country. I will try to get groceries today for the week since most places will be closed for the holiday too. I just need to figure out what to cook! My keto friend sent me a cookie recipe that I need to try, she said it tastes good so yay! Have a great Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Way too early

  1. That looks like a ton of work but you did great and that’s what makes you a great mom and wonderful person. Have an amazing day!

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  2. Wow! That gaming trailer looks really awesome. So does that laser tag game! I’m so glad everything went well except for that spoiled kid staying over with the other kid. Sorry you were stuck with the loveseat! You should have gotten the bed. Also, I can’t believe people were complaining about the noise at 3p on a Saturday. Jeez! Your son is a lucky kid, the party looks like it was a blast! Get some rest, Jules!! You are awesome! ♡

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