Memorial Day

I am lucky. Most of my friends and family came back from the wars and died when they were older or are still alive. A lot of people are not as lucky. This is America’s day to remember our fallen soldiers. Please take a moment today to pray for those families.

Yesterday was pretty lazy. Well, towards the end where I binge watched the last 5 episodes of 13 Reasons Why and the first 2 episodes of Riverdale before I passed out at 9:30pm.

I took the kids from the other hotel room to breakfast at 7am since they had been up all night. I then took my son and the other 2 kids to breakfast at 8:30 after I had to wake them up and get them moving which included my ex husband.

I let the boys play until 10 when the first friend left. Then we cleaned the room, packed up, and left the hotel at 10:20. We came by the house to drop stuff off, walk the dog, and then leave again. I dropped my son and his friend at church and came back home and used that hour to clean up from the party. Too much stuff! I cleaned off the grill and put the cover back on it and got it put away, I cleaned out my cooler and dried it, I stored food, and got the only 6 remaining cupcakes into a smaller container instead of the huge box they came in.

I picked up the boys and was going to take the friend home. We drive the 10 miles to where he lives but his family is still at church. So I took them to go drop off Styled’s calendar that she left in my car on Friday (she she lives close to the friend). Then we drove to Beck’s Prime and got all 3 of us lunch. Then I drive back to his house and his family had just gotten home. My son and I drove home and I started to finally relax. My son did a Snapchat of all of his gifts he received.

I was going to go swimming last night. Did I? Nope! I watched Netflix until 9pm so like 6 hours. I chatted with my friend Hunida while I watched 13 Reasons Why since she had already finished it and I didn’t want to spoil it for my other friends. I was very tired and couldn’t fall asleep so I downed some Zzzquil and was asleep by 9:30. You may ask why I didn’t just sleep in this morning. I want to get moving and get the grocery shopping done if I can (if there’s a place open). I will be going swimming today with my friend and neighbor. She has this beer/wine cross she said I have to try and told me that it’s low in carbs so it will be okay on my diet. We shall see! I thought about working for Lyft today. I may just take my holiday and go back to Lyft tomorrow.

I have accepted a challenge on IG and I hope that my friends will join me. It’s a no scale challenge that you will not step on a scale from June 1 to July 1. Since I am the person that gets on the scale about 2-3 times a week, this will be hard! I will weigh myself on May 31st this week and then not again until July 1st. Since I am back on keto after my one day off, I should be able to not gain weight and do well for this challenge. I weighed myself this morning and am back to 182.8 so you can see why this will be rough for me (I just weighed on Saturday). My hope is that I am down to 175 by the end of June. I got these pills from my doctor to give me more energy called Cerevive and I really want to exercise so I will! I’m going to be more active. I have to be.

Alright peeps, I’m going to jump in the shower and get going! Have a good holiday!

11 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Great read and I’m so very happy for your son he had a great time and you are a great mom! Enjoy your Memorial day as well.

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  2. I am glad you rested today–I can’t imagine being as busy as you are! You should burn calories just existing! (too bad we can’t…)
    No scale. I’d join you, but I honestly don’t know where mom’s is and haven’t stepped on one since I was at the doctor and learned I’ve not lost a single pound since my first weigh in there a year ago. Carbs are not my friend. I may not eat very much, but when I do, the food is carb heavy!

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  3. That snapchat he did is so sweet!! ♡
    It was fun chatting with you while you finished up the show!
    & I think that the No-Scale challenge is gonna be really successful for you! You can do it!!!

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