Keto recipes I like

I am sharing recipes I have found. Most are from Kasey Trenum and other Instagram people I follow. I highly suggest you check for more recipes on Pinterest and Instagram!

13 thoughts on “Keto recipes I like

      1. Really!? Burn fat with fat… I had something like that year ago and I had to make Clinical urine tests to be sure that liver can deal with all that! Be careful!

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  1. Hi, quick question! Do you enjoy being on a keto diet and is it pretty manageable to continue with? My mom has been looking into it and I just wondered what a real life person feels about it 🙂

    Also you have a lovely blog!

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I LOVE keto! It has been the most simple diet I’ve ever been on and so easy to follow (as long as you track your carbs somehow).
      I know people have been doing keto for years and still love it. I have taken a day off but felt horrible and got right back on it.
      Please feel free to ask me anything!

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      1. Hi, thank you! Was it a pretty big adjustment to switch over to it, or did it come (kind of) easily compared to other diets? Also, do you think it is an expensive track to take?

        Thank you so much for being so kind and answering my questions!

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      2. The only adjustment was the headache when I cut out sugar and regular soda. They call it the keto flu, it’s like an adjustment period over a day or two, it feels like you have the flu. After that, it was fairly easy. It’s not expensive overall, if you buy ALL the things listed in a keto start up list, then yes. What I did was buy only what I needed and now I have lots of stuff.
        I got a lot off Amazon to save money too.
        I do not mind helping anyone, that’s why I’m sharing my story. 😀

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  2. Loved this. Thank you. I am an on/off keto person looking to get back to it 100%. Love recipes! I am a caterer and a foodie. There are lots of good keto recipes on my blog if you would like to check it out. I just posted one for zucchini roll ups that is delicious! Http:\\

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