Probably sick of me

I posted 3 times yesterday so this will be short (I think!).

Ms. Forgets would not answer her door or phone yesterday so her therapy has been rescheduled for this afternoon.

I went to the doctor appointment this morning and didn’t have to get my shots because my doctor does surgeries on Wednesday. So I will have to deal with that tomorrow.

I left there and have a couple hours until I have to pick up Ms. Forgets so I drove to the car stereo place. My alarm went off on its own for a couple days and now has quit setting. So I wanted it checked out. They fixed that for free, 3 months after I bought the alarm. How cool are they? I also decided to ask them about my Bluetooth system which has been acting up for a while. I decided to spend $200 and get a new stereo with Bluetooth in it as well as a USB port to charge my phone. This kenwood actually hooks up to my phone and will even play Spotify or pandora!

I’m sitting here waiting for it to be installed now. I am watching the food network with the owner too. How funny!

Mr. 95 year old already called and cancelled on me for tonight. I need to get back to driving for Lyft. I need to make up this $200!

Have a great day guys! I think I’ll go swimming tonight since I don’t have to work.

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