Crazy day as usual

So my car alarm was fixed for free and I bought a new car stereo yesterday. I love it! It has Bluetooth already in it, it plays music from my phone, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, anything! I can even hook up XM radio if I wanted to!

I rushed home, cooked an egg and bacon in the microwave since I hadn’t eaten and it was noon, and then rush off and picked up Ms. Forgets to drive her to therapy. It’s a 25 minute drive!!! We got there right on time and had to sit in the waiting area for 30 minutes anyway before they finally call her back. She’s back there for an hour. Then she wants to go get cigarettes because her daughter won’t buy them for her. Lol!!! The woman is 77. If she wants to smoke, let her! I took her where I go to get them and she looked at her receipt and was so impressed because where she usually goes, it costs twice as much. She said she spent $50 for 5 packs of cigarettes at a gas station near her house and I got her a carton for $66. We both buy smokes (well, I went in for both of us) and I take her home where we sit in her garage and have one together before I leave. I come home and my mom says, “Julie (imagine a VERY irritating mom voice), you smell like smoke!” So I look at her and say, Well Mom, I was just with Ms. Forgets so of course I do! Now, please note that my mother knew this woman WAY back in the day. Her reply was, “Oh, she still smokes like a chimney?” So I said sure and she LEFT ME ALONE! Woo hoo! I need to drive this woman more often! I won’t get bitched at for smoking! I love this client!

Mr. 95 year old called me while I was with her and said he wants to go to dinner. I’m like sure! So I came home to eat and then went to pick him and Mr. Happy up. With my new car stereo, I hooked up Pandora for the ride home and played 40’s music. They loved it! I’m going to have to play it more often for my clients now that I can.

Today I have to go get my shots. This treatment is working too. When I started this 8 weeks ago, my feet would go numb when I was walking and tingling all the time. Throughout this process, I went to actual pain in my heel, extra numbness up my leg, and still had numbness and tingling in my feet when I exercised. Now, I only go numb with the shots for a day each week and only tingly when I sit funny for a while. I would definitely say that is progress! I have 4 weeks left and I pray that he says I don’t need surgery after this. I’m working really hard on the diet, my exercise (even though I didn’t get any yesterday), and everything else he tells me to do.

That reminds me! I am supposed to have a talk with my doctor today about giving a class once a month at his office to teach people keto! Wouldn’t that be cool? So in preparation, I am going to go to the grocery store before my appointment today and write down different products along with their nutritional information and pictures so I can show him that I can make it easy for anyone to do this, even the people that don’t cook. I already printed out a bunch of keto recipes and made a word document with a bunch of recipe sites to help people and gave it to them yesterday. Wish me luck! Even if people paid me $20 each to come to the class, that would help me as well as help them learn how to eat on the diet the doctor wants us on. Speaking of the diet, I think I did well yesterday.

My last weigh in until July and I am at 182. So have a great day, I hope mine will be!

11 thoughts on “Crazy day as usual

  1. Hahaha, that’s awesome you have someone to blame for the smoke smell now. šŸ˜‰ hopefully the doc let’s you do the keto class! & I hope you’re havin a good day, Jules! ā™”

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