I’m a month behind!

Loot Crate from the end of April. I’m way too behind!!!

The box is open!Frodo!!! I adore these little character boxes. I keep these. I’m willing to get rid of most but these, hell no!Zelda is my favorite game! This is really cool! I didn’t open it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it back in the tube but I found it online to show you what it looks like open.

These are playing cards and went to one of my son’s friends. They were very happy!I love these pins each month. I save them in a glass. I have quite a few from Loot Crate from when I had a subscription in 2016 and now this year.

The t-shirt that I have no idea what it is but my son took it and some of his friends were jealous so it must be a kid thing.

So this was April’s. I will post May’s Loot Crate next.

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