My wonderful Friday

Yeah, so, it started off as normal taking my son to school and walking the dog. Then my son’s godmother called me to chat about what’s bothering her. We worked out that I will help them this summer by taking their daughter out once a week or so which will give her daughter special attention and let her be without her brothers for a while. They help me with my son so why not?

I then jumped in the shower and drive to take Styled to her hair appointment. I told everyone at the salon that I would see them this afternoon and took Styled to the grocery store and then home. When I left her, I thought about how I was NOT looking forward to spending 5-6 hours with Ms. Sick but I don’t want bad karma by just cancelling on her. I text my ex boyfriend that has done work for her around her house and asked him if he felt like driving her. I told him how long it would be, how much he would make an hour, and even where she would want to go. Luckily, he said yes!!! Yay! So I called Ms. Sick and told her that there was an awful noise coming from my brakes (I’m not completely lying, they are starting to squeal a bit) and that he would drive her.

I was nervous about it even though she knows him. She was happy though! She said she’s sorry about my car and she is so thankful that I got someone to take her that she knows and trusts. Oh thank you GOD for not making me take her! And yes, I do need to get my brake pads changed which I will do next week when I have time. I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal with her. I also asked him if he would drive her next week too since I am busy all week. He agreed to that too. I’m lucky he doesn’t work a normal job and can just do what he wants like me. He’s a nice guy, just not the guy for me.

Instead of having to spend 6 hours upset and frustrated thinking about everything I need to do while I follow her around, I started laundry and picked up around my room. I went to see Cranky who was complaining that I hadn’t been to see her in a while. Well, I talk to her and her caregivers so much that sometimes I don’t feel the need to go over! I told her that I am driving Ms. Forgets (they used to be neighbors) and she asked me if the woman is still smoking. LOL I guess everyone knows!

After an hour visit, I went to the grocery store so I won’t have to while my cousin is here this weekend. I spent $160! Most of that is for my child, drinks, snacks, and lunch stuff. I got myself a couple of salads, some cauliflower rice (the store regular cauliflower did not look very good), some squash noodles, some Bang, chicken in a can so I have a protein snack some days, and cheese for those awesome keto biscuits.

At least now we don’t have to go shopping for a week. Well, I’m not going again until next Sunday. So everything has to last until then. Groceries are expensive!!! Thank God I had a few coupons, it would have been $170. Feeding a teenager is too much sometimes. Maybe I need to get him on Dollar Store foods (JUST KIDDING). My son saw his snacks and said he will not have any problem making it last for a week. Yeah, okay, we shall see about that!

Miss Priss called me about taking her to the beach next Friday afternoon and that’s fine. It’s a long trip and I don’t mind although I hate traffic. That’s okay. I can handle it. I’ll take snacks. 😀

After his last day of school, my son went to a friends house for a while so I got to relax a bit after bringing in all the groceries and taking all the drinks and snacks upstairs. I would have been happy but NO…my foot wasn’t going to allow that! Have you ever had a charley horse? Imagine that kind of pain on the ball of your foot no matter if you sit down, lay down, walk, or just stand still. And it was a SHARP pain in my left foot. I almost cried if that tells you how bad it was! So I turned on Netflix and finished watching Kimmy and caught upon Skin Tight on TLC.

I hit my move goal on my watch but only got 20 minutes of exercise. I will do better. I have to! I know I will tonight when we go to the Astros game! When I walked Amber at 10pm, my mom decided to go to bed and locked me out and went upstairs!!! Thank goodness my son was awake!!! I was pissed!

My cousin and his family got in okay last night and have checked into their hotel. He and I spoke for a little bit but didn’t get together as they didn’t get to the hotel until 9pm. Today I am going to take my son to his therapy this afternoon and spend the rest of my time with my cousin. I am so happy he’s here!

Y’all have a great Saturday!

5 thoughts on “My wonderful Friday

  1. That was nice of your ex to drive around Ms. Sick for you! Groceries really are so expensive! Those salads look fantastic! Yum. You might hit traffic with Ms Priss but at least you get to go the beach!! 🤗 Hope your foot is feeling better & you had/have fun with your cousin! ♡

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