Missed my blog this morning?

Yeah, me too. I didn’t get up until 7 after going to bed at midnight and then I had to shower, walk Amber, and get to my doctor appointment before 9. So yeah, I didn’t blog this morning!

Sunday was a good day and I wish it could have hung around longer. What did I do? Woke up at 9am (I had written and scheduled yesterday’s blog at midnight Saturday night), went to brunch with the family at 11, came home and took my son to therapy, then picked up my cousins wife to go to the gym and she and I both got a good workout in, and then my friend text me and said she had an extra ticket to last nights game and did I want to go? Hell yes I did!!! My cousins had seats on the club level and my friend F and I were in season ticket holder seats. We decided we would all take a Lyft together to save money. We requested a 6 passenger vehicle (there were 5 of us) and a Hyundai Santa Fe came up so I cancelled that one and rerequested a ride so finally we got a minivan and went to the stadium. Everyone was hungry so we went to this bar across from the stadium where they ate burgers and I had a beer.

Then off to the game! It was downright horrible how bad we got stomped by the Red Sox. That’s okay though, I got to go to the game! It started pouring in the 9th inning and when the game was over, we were going to request a Lyft until we saw the $102 price tag! We walked down to that same bar and looked again and the price was back down to $20 so a suburban took us back. F and I hung out with my cousin until 11:30 just chatting so I didn’t get home until midnight. We had a blast though!

I just drove Ms. Forgets to her doctor and I figured out why the doctors name sounded so familiar to me. She used to be in the office with my doctor but had left. She recognized an old photo of me and said I actually look like Ms. Forgets (must be the hair color). So we got a referral to another doctor and I took her back home.

The church called me saying they want to stop by with a gift for my son for going on beach retreat. Umm, ok? Then they asked for his t-shirt size so then I was like OH, okay. So I’m home to greet them here pretty soon. Then my cousins wife and I are going back to the gym (god help me – I am SO frigging tired). I got my shots this morning and my feet are numb and tingly, and I’m going to the gym??? 🙄

At 7:30, we will have dinner with my cousins and my mom at a Mexican good place near us (there are tons – I do live in Houston). That’s my last night and today. How is your Monday going?

16 thoughts on “Missed my blog this morning?

  1. That’s awesome you got to go to a game I know you love your stro’s! The lyft price after the game was insane they sure do take advantage of the crowds huh? You look great and I can tell you have had more energy since you have changed your diet! It’s coming thru in your pictures! I’m so very proud of you and all you are doing in your life, keep up the great work my friend.

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