What else?

So I woke up at 5:15am on my own thinking my car was running in my garage with the garage door shut. Weird, right? I even checked to make sure my keys were in my purse, that’s how realistic that was. I have a massive headache and of course have 2 jobs today. I got some caffeine and some Advil (plus my allergy pill) and now writing this.

I also noticed a red blinking light in my room. My air purifier for pets filter has finally told me it needs to be changed (it’s been 7 months so it was a good life) so I ordered one but will now have to go 2 days with no purifier until it comes. My allergies get so bad that I really need it. When my son’s one friend comes over that has as many allergies as I do, I have to put it in his room and his friend is fine. That’s how awesome my purifier is! It’s a germ guardian for pets.

And of course when I woke up, my aunt flo had come to visit which is never my favorite time of the month but explains why I feel crappy. If you guys reading this don’t get it, ask a girl. My eye is still swollen and yucky but I did do my arm weights last night. Maybe in the back of my head, I knew I would probably be lazy today and figured I better get that done. weird how it shows in the health app and not the workout app like usual but oh well. I know I did it.

I am taking Ms. Forgets to aqua therapy this morning and taking Cranky to get new glasses this afternoon. Not a bad day, I mean yes, I would rather stay in bed all day. I can’t hit my goals or make money that way though so I will go do it. I just wish my eye didn’t look so yucky! You can see the droopy and the sac under it, right?

great picture I know!

I am going back to driving for Lyft this weekend. My bank account suffered because of the birthday party and gift so its back to work I go! Maybe I’ll have more stories of weird people this weekend. I miss having those to write!

Have a good Thursday!

7 thoughts on “What else?

  1. Glasses are not as bad as people think they are. You can get fun ones online if you don’t have real crazy eye issues and know the strength.
    Your whole self looks good!!!!! And I think your filter thing is amazing!

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