Thursday. What can I say. Me. Forgets was feeling very tired and apologetic the 2 1/2 hours I was with her. She was so shaky after her aqua therapy, I was very concerned and stayed next to her to the car and I to her house. She said she was fine but I still made sure of it.

Cranky and I went to her eye place and the woman there was honest and told her she doesn’t need new glasses, she just needs to wear readers on top of her glasses. Well I do that already so I took her to CVS and got her a pair of readers. She SAYS she will use them but I doubt she ever will.

I started Flash on Netflix day before yesterday and I am only watching a few episodes a day because I am going to bed on time by 10pm. I am going to start going to bed at 9 so I can wake up at 5am and go back to Lyft. My cousins wife said I should go work for Instacart as her friend makes tons of money with them in Boston. What do you guys think?

Today I have Styled for hair and nails and then I am driving Miss Priss to the beach. If only I could switch their appointment times! I would go walk the beach again which would make me very happy. I am nervous about walking the beach in the afternoon sun. Too hot and I’m pretty sure I would come back burned.

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