Happy Sunday to ya

Yesterday was good. I finished The Flash on Netflix and started iZombie. I used the dumbbells and jogged/danced between sets and got my 30 minutes of exercise in.

I was out walking my dog yesterday and had a neighbor take a full body picture of me. I then compared it to the me from 1996. Wow.

I cleaned a bit and found Amber’s harness that I thought I had lost. I put it on her and left it until we went for a walk. Well, i don’t know how she does this, but when I was ready to go out, she had her legs out of the harness! How is that possible? This picture is with the harness on correctly just to show you how difficult I think it would be to get out!

Today: We have church this morning. Then no plans so I figure I will be walking at the gym and watching iZombie. Oh! I got my new Keto chips in the mail and I am excited to try them. I also ordered what my son needs for his week of camp. Basically sandals for the beach and a couple of shirts that are church appropriate. I don’t know how they would feel about him wearing Deadpool t-shirts!

6 days until my son’s birthday and 17 days until mine. So this whole weighing thing. I wanted to be at 175 by my birthday. Since I can’t weigh, I am making sure I get out and raise my heart rate for 30 minutes a day doing something. It is only 7 pounds away (from May 31st) and I can do that in a month when I am trying. So I am! On July 1st, I really want my weight to be where I want it to be. I’m even going to make myself a keto birthday cake so I don’t go off plan. I found a few recipes for them so why not? I can do this and I know you guys can do this too! And remember, if you need any help, I’m here for you. You can reach me on Instagram at juliehcares or by email juliehcares@gmail.com.

I have been going back and forth about skin removal surgery. I really am not sure I want to be on television showing everyone my entire body, going through that pain with cameras around me, having a silly reveal party like they do at the end of each show. Now, the flip side. I have lost over 200 pounds and really have issues with the skin. It flops around when I exercise, it looks disgusting, and it makes me still feel really fat when I sit down. I am not one for pain. I also hate pain pills. So I am still thinking about it. At the end of this year, I MAY go see a surgeon about my stomach area and chest. Or maybe not. I am really afraid of the pain I see these people in!

What are your thoughts on skin removal? Do you know how a dog gets out of their harness? What are you up to this Sunday?

21 thoughts on “Happy Sunday to ya

  1. I’ve watched so many series where they do the skin removal. It looks painful, so I guess you can’t work for a while either (?).
    But on the other hand, once it’s done you don’t have to worry about.
    I’m not really helpful 😅 it’s a tough decision to make!

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  2. Why would you have to go on television? I”m sure a lot of people that have skin removal surgery, don’t. You need to do what makes you happy and healthy.
    Plus, Why am I thinking your son just had a Birthday? Was that an early party when he got the gift cards and Lazer Tag?

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  3. I would not do skin removal if I were you, it is too painful, and if people don’t notice it, you needn’t do it… Except if you want to show off your entire body at the swimming pool or other places where you are almost naked

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  4. I think you look amazing. If I’d managed to lose 200 pounds, I’d seriously consider skin removal surgery. Not for cosmetic reasons, but for the sake of feeling like I actually achieved something, and can feel proud of myself when I look in the mirror. Losing that much weight is a big deal, and if you want to do it for your own sake, then why not.

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  5. I’m really proud of you. You’re doing so well. I think that if it makes you feel better and it’s not going to hurt you than you should totally do the skin removal surgery. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and feel better. I didn’t do much of anything on Sunday. I mainly relaxed and watched movies and surfed the internet.

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