Monday yet again

I did NOT go walking. It is SO hot here! 95 before the heat index kicks in. I went swimming instead.

I watched iZombie for a while too. My mother royally pissed me off yesterday morning. Her cat bit me so I told her that this is why I don’t play with them much. She called me a baby! I wasn’t crying or anything silly, I was stating a fact. I have thin skin and it gets torn easy. No reason to be rude like that! That does not make me want to keep living there and helping her. There have been so many times that I have wanted to take my savings and just go pay for a place of my own again. I’m dealing only because my Dad asked me to before he passed.

I did not do much else other than make this mug cake on keto and it was alright, I’m going to try other recipes to see what I want to make for my birthday. My son is not complaining about trying cake either! I want him to like it too so it makes it a bit harder.

My son woke me up at 5:50am today so I figured I would go drive for Lyft before my doctors appointment this morning. I took 3 rides and had nice people. My last ride was in Pasadena which I don’t really know anything about when it comes to driving. It was a kid that I was taking to work. He said his boss will fire him if he’s not 10 minutes early. How crazy is that?

Now at the doctors office and then have to go pick up Miss Priss in Galveston. Then I’m off for the day. That means I will have plenty of time to go to the gym. I’m trying to decide what I want to do today. Elliptical, treadmill, bike, weights. So many choices!!!

That’s it for today. I’m sure most of you are already working or even done for this Monday. Have a great day! Motivational Monday coming in a bit too!

11 thoughts on “Monday yet again

  1. You’re in Texas right? My boyfriend wanted to move there and I argued simply because I didn’t want to be in the heat. Texas heat is something I experienced when my mom lived there for a summer. Nope. lol. Who fires someone for not being ten minutes early? If that’s the case then schedule me for that time instead!

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  2. Did your dad ask you to move in or just take care of and be there for your mom? Maybe you should get your own place close may help your stress level.

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    1. Are used to live a mile away and was at her house every single day to help her with something so we just moved in. My dad asked me to take care of her, he did not specify how


      1. Please be sure to stay happy with your decision. ExHushand had a friend who passed away and asked friend to take care of his wife before he died. Friend lived with her and took care of her, but was never truly happy until she had to be put in a home and he was free in his own place.

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  3. I understand about the heat thing. It’s hot here too. I lived in Texas and I don’t blame you at all for swimming instead of walking. It’s just too hot. I’m sorry you got bit by your mom’s cat. I love cats, but if one bites me it’s over. I get mad very easily. Have a great day!

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