What a day it was

I started out this morning working for Lyft. I took 4 rides. Nothing special. Nobody was very talkative so no good stories. Boo!

I came home for breakfast and had bacon and cheese. Yum! I was supposed to take Ms. Forgets to therapy and the doctor. Unfortunately, my son told me last night that he was in pain in his mouth. I called his orthodontist after my last ride and got an appointment for this afternoon. So I was going to take her to therapy and not her doctor. Well, she cancelled on me again this morning! It seems to be a Tuesday thing. So I stayed home until 12:30. My son and I left to drive the 35 miles down to where his orthodontist is.

Since we were so early, I took him to my chiropractor as an early birthday present. He absolutely loved it! They put the electrodes on his back for 10 minutes and he said he wished it wasn’t over so soon. Then the doctor came in, massaged his back, and did an adjustment. My son seemed to be in hog heaven when we left. He said he wants a job just to be able to go there more. LOL

We went to the orthodontist and found out that somehow, his jaw extender got broken inside his mouth. The nurse asked if he was chewing rocks. So they went ahead and removed that and redid his wires. He got red rubber bands this time and you can barely see them. Not like the blue at all.

We then got back on the freeway to get home and that took an hour. Since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, we went by Beck’s Prime so I could get a lettuce wrapped burger and he could get a grilled cheese. We were the only ones in line so it didn’t take long. We got home and he went out to walk around the block for his exercise. He told me he is almost 200 pounds! Wow! So I wasn’t upset that he went to go walk. I have no idea what I weigh but it’s not that much for sure! I told him we really need to work on his sugar habit. I am so glad he doesn’t drink soda. That would be worse. It’s just sweets and we can cut those back and with him exercising, he can get it off in no time.

So I am watching this Korean show on Netflix called White Nights. I’m really into it. I plan on doing some yoga tonight too once my watch is fully charged. I did arms last night.

Have a great night and I will chat with y’all tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “What a day it was

  1. I have gotten two kids through braces. Stuff was always breaking or popping off. I remember having to cut a wire with nail clippers because it was the weekend and the doctor’s office was closed. Good times! 😂

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    1. Oh no! How horrible! We don’t know what happened but it was definitely broken. I am just glad I could get him in so quick. She gave us wax to put on if there are any problems while he’s at camp next week so hopefully that will work. I really just pray for no problems while he’s gone!


  2. I remember the pain of braces and changing the color bands each visit lol. I can’t get into the Korean shows on Netflix because I hate to always have to keep my eyes on the subtitles lol.

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