Helping people

This is what I enjoy doing. I want to help people whether it be giving them rides where they need to go, being a friend to lean on in times of strife, or just going out to enjoy life a little.

I have limits. Everyone does. There are days that even I don’t feel like helping anyone. I will usually stay in bed and watch Netflix on those days. Luckily for me, today is not one of those days.

Yesterday and today are all about helping my son get to all of his appointments before he leaves for camp on Sunday. Today is the eye doctor and taking Amber to get her shots. I overslept and woke up with 20 minutes to get out the door to get to my doctors appointment first. I jumped up, showered as fast as I could, made sure my son was awake and would take Amber out for a walk, then ran out the door.

The eye doctor appointment is for both of us. I decided to get transition lenses and just wear glasses and will tell him when we go. Last night I was able to do yoga with my glasses on so I figure I should be able to do other things as well. I have noticed that I have been getting styes quite a bit lately wearing contacts which helped my decision.

I also submitted a letter to TLC for the skin removal. Not that I would get picked, I did it though. Here is what I wrote:

I was heavy since 7th grade. My mom put me on diet after diet to no avail. I kept gaining weight. At the age of 24 on January 6, 1997, I decided to get my life in order and has gastro-plasty (band and staples). I lost 150 pounds with the surgery and then plateaued. I got pregnant in 2004, had my son, and lost 30 pounds right away and plateaued again. In November of 2017, I decided I was not going to live like this anymore (stuck at 230 pounds) and started exercising as well as watching my calories. In April 2018, I was diagnosed with foot neuropathy and the doctor put me on a special diet along with the exercise that I was and still am doing. I am at 182 as of May 31st and would like this extra skin off of me so I feel better about dating and finding a full time job. Right now, I drive the elderly that can’t drive but I would love to get a full time job again. I am going back to school this week to be certified as a nutritionist as well.

So that’s my letter. What do y’all think? I doubt I will get picked and if I do, I won’t be able to blog about it (their rules – no social media if you are picked). I guess if I disappear for a while you will know! Lol

I also cancelled my trip to Colorado. I decided to take my son to visit family instead. We will drive the hour and a half and visit my sister and hang out on the lake. I still plan on going to Vegas in October or November. I would love to meet the couple of friends I have from here while I’m there. I just need to start working more!

That’s about it. I haven’t heard from Mr. 95 year old about tonight but I hope I can take him. That would be my only job today and if I go, I’m going to walk around the golf course for my exercise while he’s eating instead of just sitting doing nothing in my car.

Y’all have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Helping people

  1. I really like the letter!
    You put in emotions without being too emotional.
    You show where you were and where you are now, after hard work!

    I really hope it will work out with TLC. It could save costs.
    And being on TV might be hard, but nobody is ever really going to remember it. But I can understand how you feel about it.

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  2. The letter was great! It was personable but you didn’t overshare! I hope it works! Being on TV could be exciting but I understand why you’d be nervous about it! Walking around the golf course is probably the route I would’ve chosen to… except you’re in Texas… I lied I may have opted to be in an air conditioned car lol 😂

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  3. Hi Julie, I know this is a little irrelevant to most of what you wrote, but you said you do yoga so I have a question! I am pregnant (5 months) and I have had seriously painful muscle tension in the past couple of years. It is in my neck most often but now with my current state I have a bit of soreness everywhere. Do you think yoga would help with that? I want to do something but I want to be careful not to over exert myself, because I have mild pain in my tummy sometimes if I do too much. And your letter is awesome! I hope it catches someone’s eye! And I like helping people too. When you’re being mom all the time it gets a little tiring but it is definitely worth it

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    1. Thank you! On the yoga, I would check with your doctor, but I see pregnant yoga videos on YouTube and I know it would help with the muscle tension!
      I’m glad you help people too. I wish you were in Houston, I could use the help! 😀


  4. I hope you do get picked!
    I guess if your blog topics suddenly change; we will guess why. Lol Don’t Leave Us!
    I hope we can meet if you make it to Vegas.

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  5. I think the letter sounds great!! I hope they do pick you, I’ve never watched the show but I’d watch every episode if you were on it!
    Can’t to see you in October or November! ♡

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