Cancellations and the rest of the day

I hate being cancelled on last minute! How is my business supposed to flourish when I don’t make money???

I started the morning by driving for Lyft. I did 3 rides and made $50 in 2 1/2 hours. That’s not bad at all.

I get home and my phone rings. Ms. Forgets is calling to cancel for the second time this week! Geez Louise woman! Okay, you are having stomach issues. Well, here’s the answer to that. EAT and don’t take pain pills on an empty stomach! I can understand you don’t want to go to pool therapy when you have stomach issues. I wouldn’t want that either. BUT… if you didn’t take a pain pill without eating for hours, you most likely would not have that problem!

Okay, I will stop complaining. I just hate not working. My mom’s maid came and cleaned her place and left mine and my son’s room alone. I can’t afford to pay her so I will just clean my own room and my son can do his. That’s no big deal.

I am taking my son to therapy and then will go to the gym. I have been exercising at home for what, 4 days now? Maybe 5? I like switching it up. Today I want the treadmill though. I want some Swiss alps walking. I love the virtual walks on the gyms treadmills!

Since I am not working today, I guess I will just print out these chapters for my class and study. Fun fun! It’s too hot to be outside. Amber doesn’t even want to go out!

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