School and work

Wow! I did my first exam on chapters 1-4 and got a 95! Whew! Now I am studying the next 4 chapters and will take that exam in the next day or 2. So far so good! Nutrition is interesting to me so I am enjoying the class. I am liking it so much that I applied to University of Houston for a nutrition bachelors degree. Can’t wait to see if I get in!

I went and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes yesterday. I wanted to quit after 20 but I kept on.

I went to work for Lyft this morning. I sat and drive around for an hour and got NO calls. That f’ing sucks! So I went home and printed more study guides for my class until my printer ran out of ink. I picked up Styled and we are at the hairdressers now. I also have to take Ms. Forgets to a doctor this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my son’s actual 13th birthday. He invited friends over so there’s no way I can work. Then he leaves for beach retreat on Sunday. I plan on working like crazy while he’s gone. I will get better sleep and hopefully make a lot of extra money.

Anywho, I’m off to study while waiting on Styled. Have a great Friday!

22 thoughts on “School and work

  1. I am dying to know about driving for a living. My husband needs to find something flexible to do (he’s an actor and works weird schedules). We have been talking forever about his either driving for Uber or Lyft. Can you really make decent money doing it?

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    1. It depends. They take about half of what they charge people. I can make $50 in 2 hours in the mornings here in Houston with people going to work or to the airport. I never seem to get rides between 10am and 4pm so I just stopped working those hours. Late at night is bigger money as well, especially on weekends. It’s extra money no matter what though!

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  2. Congratulations on your grade. Hope you get the financial aid so you can go to u of h. I live in magnolia, and was born and raised in Houston, so I am all for U of H. LOL

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