Not much going on. I did not leave my house yesterday other than to walk Amber. I cancelled my doctors appointment because it was supposed to rain and then the rain came in spurts so I could have gone. Oh well. I watched Agents of Shield on Netflix and read through 2 school lessons. I got a 100% on each exam so I am happy about that.

Today. Ms. Forgets cancelled yet again but that’s fine with me. It’s supposed to rain again all day and I really don’t like going out in it. At least this time she called last night so there’s no cancel fee. Well, for her. For me it is good but bad because no money coming in sucks!

I heard from my son. He is having fun. He was actually tired last night (according to his Snapchat). The church group posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram as well which I am happy about even though my son is not in any of them! As long as he is having fun and safe, I’m okay!

I will probably finish Agents of Shield today and get 2 more lessons done. That sounds good to me. I do need to run up to the store to get water bottles and eggs. I only have 2 left of each! Eek!

I am sure I didn’t eat enough yesterday. When I’m at home and busy, I usually don’t. While I watched tv, I snacked on walnuts. To me it was a good day. I did bedtime yoga last night and it’s so nice to have it on a screen on my wall and not trying to look at a tiny tablet while doing the exercises! I am definitely in ketosis too. I feel great about that!

I did look at the past 3 weeks of food just to make sure I am doing well and will lose weight on July 1st when this challenge is over.

I think it looks pretty good! I love how it says I need to hit my calorie goal. I know I don’t eat a lot, I eat when I’m hungry! Nothing wrong with that. I am now part of those weird people that forget to eat at times. I never thought that would be me! I am not complaining, I am happy to be in that group and I thank keto for it. Eating carbs, I was always hungry!

I already showered this morning, gave my next door neighbor her mail from when she was out of town the past week, and walked Amber. I guess I will get started on Lesson 4!

13 thoughts on “Hmm…well…

  1. Great post this morning as always! I am proud of you for going to school lady, hats off to you. The picture on the beach looks relaxing I really need to move to the Hows your journal coming along? I was slacking a little but I caught up the other day and it made me think of you because you have the same Have a great day and me and my girl have been binge watching Izombie and I think you would love the show it’s on Netflix and has plenty of episodes, I need to check out agents of the shield when I’m done.

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    1. I already watched the latest season of iZombie! It was really better than the last season. I love that show!
      I still write down everything I put in my mouth. Lol I forget sometimes and have to catch up but since I do it on myfitnesspal as well, I just copy it.
      The beach is nice! I hope my son is learning more about God this week, that’s the point of the silent sounds.

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      1. well don’t tell me because I just started season 4 and I really like it!lol. You’re doing so great by the way!

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  2. the rain makes me so mad julie lol here, it stays cloudy all day long looking like it is ready to pour any second – and then it doesn’t. I’m starting to just ignore it, I’m so sick of never predicting it right. I’m PMSing, can you tell? lol!

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