It’s hump day again!

I didn’t do much yesterday other than going to the store. And I was so mad when I went, I forgot to get drinks! I have to go back today for those.

My mom SO pissed me off yesterday! It was to the point that I decided to live here until I’m done with school (that could be 2 years) and get a good job. Here’s what she said:

1. She says to me: You are bright, but you’re not wise. I looked up the definition of wise on google and here’s what it says which completely proves her wrong!

2. It’s pouring down rain. She says: You need to park outside so I can do some stuff in the garage while it’s not hot. She went outside while I was gone. I guess she noticed it’s raining and hot, and went back in. She didn’t tell me this so I had to park outside in the rain and get soaked bringing in groceries. Argh!

Instead of going off on her, I walked the dog. And I lifted my dumbbells for 30 minutes. Anything to get some of that frustration out. I would have loved to slap her but that’s elder abuse and I don’t hit people anyway (plus I’m not a fan of ever seeing the inside of a jail cell). So I stayed away.

Cranky fell and scraped her skin really bad. I tried to tell her son and caregiver that the hospital wouldn’t do anything but clean it, disinfect it, and bandage it since her skin is so thin but I’m not a doctor so we went to the hospital. I do have thin skin which I have scraped really badly so when they said they couldn’t do anything at the hospital, I felt much better about my comments on the situation! I understand them wanting to take her, she’s 87 and fell with her rollator. We took that away and gave her the regular kind of walker. images from google

I just hope no bills come from the hospital. Her caregiver said I shouldn’t lose any more weight. Really? I’m so glad I don’t listen to people anymore. I still have weight to lose and I am doing it! I plan on weighing 160 or a little less the rest of my life. Not 182 where I currently was on May 31st!

I took 3 exams yesterday. I got 2 100’s and a 97.5. I have 3 left to take to be certified and I am going to try and get those done today and tomorrow. I am also looking at the nutrition program at UH. I also want to see if HCC has a similar plan because it’s so much cheaper to go to school there! I don’t think it really matters where you get your degree as long as you put in the work. Do companies actually look at the school?

Now for the fun part of today’s post. My son is still on beach retreat and seems to be having fun. There are 1400 junior high students there and I finally got a couple of pictures of him shown on the church website!

He did pick fun at Christian music during the church service last night which I wasn’t happy about. Teenagers 🙄I know everyone likes their own music but at least be open to it! I just pray that the Lord speaks to him this week and he will come back a happier child.

Dr. Ed Young is our pastor at Second Baptist Church and he is there with them doing a 30 minute service every evening. Tonight is the night that the kids can walk down the aisle to accept Christ. I guess we will see if my son feels moved enough. If you are interested, you can watch the service live too! The link is . It starts at 7:45pm central US time and Dr. Young won’t come on until about 8:15pm. I will be watching. I watched last night but obviously didn’t find my son. In that crowd? No way! If you have heard of my church or our pastor and ever wanted to know why he is such a powerful speaker, tune in tonight! I’m happy that I can watch the service, that they are posting pictures, and text my son while he’s away. I wonder how my parents did it when I went?

Y’all have a great day. I’m deciding if I want to get up and drive in this rain to go to the doctor (I don’t want to but my mother wants to go in the garage again so I will have to pull my car out anyway).

14 thoughts on “It’s hump day again!

  1. It’s so easy to judge someone, isn’t it.
    My mum does it a lot too. She always tells me how I can do better. I wish there was a chance to finally prove this is the best I can!
    I totally feel you.

    Your son seems to enjoy himself. I think it’s goid for a child to be away from the parents so they appreciate them more. Or miss them at least 😉

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  2. Yeah parents have a way of getting on our nerves in a special way that nobody else can lol. And I HATE when people say something to me like that caregiver did. I’ve been told many times not to gain weight even though I’m extremely underweight (on 91 pounds). And I’m just like I’m gonna gain this weight and y’all can suck it. I didn’t like Christian music as a kid either. Now I love it! It’s something that I think grows on us. Especially when kids are used to different music. He seems to be enjoying himself otherwise though!

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      1. That’s a good mindset to have. I just accept my parents for who and how they are. I love them anyhow so I just deal and move on!

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  3. I am glad you didn’t slap your mom but I would have wanted to if I were you too! Haha. Awesome job on all of your exams! & so cool that you’ll be able to watch your son walk live. 🙂

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  4. I like to tell me clients and students it’s a parents job to royal piss you off 😂 I went to an amazing accredited top notch university, but I still have had employers look at my college transcripts with a fine tooth comb

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