Ended up the most perfect day!

I went to the doctor this morning and got my treatment. I had no jobs because Mr. 95 year old called and cancelled. I am SO glad he did!

I posted the link yesterday in case anybody wanted to watch Dr. Young give his sermon to the kids on beach retreat last night. I watched it. I also watched all of the kids that came down to accept Christ at the end of the service, including MINE!

You have never seen (well heard of) me cry so much and get down on my knees and thank God for speaking to him this week. I got to watch him be baptized (we are Baptist) after the service along with over 200 other kids! It was amazing to watch all of these kids and even some adults on the trip accept Christ.

I know my Dad in heaven is happy too. I even called my ex husband to let him know that his son did that. And by the way, his friend that he went with did NOT walk down, so I know God spoke to my child through beach retreat. I am the most proud mother ever!

It started with him actually posting a Snapchat saying that he liked a Christian song. Then he didn’t get back on his phone. Dr. Young called for anyone that wanted to walk down and a ton of kids went. Then he called again and some more kids went. So when I saw my child walk down at the 3rd call for anyone else that felt the urge, I started bawling (I’m doing it again typing this)!

Now the test will be to see how he acts once he’s home and see if he tells me about this. I don’t think he knows that I can watch or even that he was on tv. He will be home Friday evening so I guess I will find out! I am not going to tell him that I know or that I saw him. You think he will say anything?

Today, I am supposed to take Ms. Forgets to therapy. We’ll see if she actually goes. That’s it too. I finished my certification class yesterday with A’s on every exam. I have no clue how long the actual certificate will take to get to me but I’m happy that I made an A! I did some aerobic exercise from YouTube before the service so I closed the rings on my watch. Go me! I really can’t wait to weigh in on July 1st and see how I did in a month!

Yesterday was a great day. I’m sure today will be too!

6 thoughts on “Ended up the most perfect day!

  1. Aw I think he will tell you about it:) he’ll be excited to share!

    Great job getting an A on all of your exams! β™‘ & I can’t believe it’s so close to July already!

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